Does Wheel Spacers Brand Matter BONOSS Genuine Wheel Spacers High Quality for Safety (1)

When purchasing aftermarket wheels, people often choose a set of wheel spacers to make these wheels perform better. If you intend to get wheel spacers, it is incredibly important to know whether the spacers are genuine quality ones or just cheap replicas. High-end brand manufacturers produce genuine wheel spacers for quality and durability. They generally have brand logos marked on the surface. And good quality is guaranteed to perform well and last for the life of the vehicle.

When compared to false spacers, brand wheel spacers are generally of high quality and reliability. In the long run, this means better performance, handling, and safety. This is due to genuine wheel spacers being made carefully to reduce defect rate and maximize performance. The top-quality material and more safety tests are the reason why brand wheel spacers tend to be safer than those cheap copycats.

How to Distinguish Genuine BONOSS Wheel Spacers?

There are, however, few high-end and high-quality wheel spacers. In order to distinguish the real BONOSS wheel spacers and protect customers’ interests, BONOSS has built a complete authentication system. When you get BONOSS wheel spacers, check the authentication code on the package. Then compare these numbers with BONOSS official stores’ databases. If they don’t match, they are not genuine BONOSS products. Therefore, if you get such spacers, the best way to keep safe is to return these spacers and purchase from a genuine BONOSS dealer.

Does Wheel Spacers Brand Matter BONOSS Genuine Wheel Spacers High Quality for Safety (2)

To lower the cost, many manufacturers often have third-party wheel studs and lug nuts pressed in their wheel spacers. They may look good. However, the quality of these wheel studs cannot be guaranteed. If you are buying wheel spacers, check the surfaces of them. Usually, those low-quality replicas s are only marked with metric units without brand engraved. On the contrary, each BONOSS genuine product is “BONOSS engraved”. You can find BONOSS logo marked on the surfaces. Every genuine BONOSS spacer is made in BONOSS’s own factory, so the quality is well guaranteed. In addition, BONOSS takes the quality responsibility.

Advantages of Genuine Wheel Spacers

We will always suggest genuine wheel spacers to customers. There are many good reasons to choose genuine products. This is important if you don’t want to put your life at risk. For the manufacturers of genuine wheel spacers, it’s the quality and safety that counts. They are made of advanced machinery and undergo a series of safety tests before leaving the factory. It is worry-free to use genuine spacers. Besides, genuine spacers are under the manufacturer’s warranty. They make it worth every penny you spend.

On the other hand, counterfeiters don’t need to think about their reputation or product quality, since it’s the original producers and consumers who suffer the loss. They often use cheap but harmful substances. You don’t want to support such criminal organizations.