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Evo 9 lug nuts are one of the lightweight projects that can be modified to reduce wheel spin speed due to unsprung weight reduction. The Evo 9 existed for the WRC and was snapped up when it was released to the market. The Evo 9 exists as collector’s and tuner’s items in the era when electric cars are becoming popular.

The famous 4G63 engine powers the Evo 9th generation model. This engine is cast iron and can produce 280 horsepower stock, which has a lot of potential for tuning. Equipped with all-wheel drive, this car has a very powerful and intelligent four-wheel drive system that improves the car’s turning speed and stability in corners. The aggressive stance of the WRC racing style has made it a hit with drivers and avid enthusiasts on the race track. BONOSS still offers specialized lightweight lug nuts for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models, including Evo 9 lug nuts.

Are Evo 9 Lug Nuts Lightweight Enough?

As a brand that pursues the goal of being lightweight, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution can be said to be built for the WRC. In each generation of Evo upgrades, the weight configuration is redesigned, including the use of forged aluminum for the suspension structure, the use of lightweight materials for the roof, the extensive use of aluminum for both the front lower link and multi-link mechanism, etc., including the Evo 9 lug nuts. All these upgrades are for the ultimate speed advantage of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Many racing lug nuts are made of steel alloy, which is heavier in weight than aluminum alloy, leading to the appearance of Evo 9 lug nuts made of iron and aluminum alloy in the aftermarket lug nuts. Many professional racing cars also have lug nuts of iron and aluminum alloy. Evo 9 lug nuts are fasteners for clamping wheels that withstand clamping forces. The lug nuts offered by BONOSS are made of the highest strength 7075-T6 aluminum alloy.

Each forged aluminum alloy EVO 9 lug nut weighs only 25g, and 20 pieces of EVO 9 lug nuts weigh only 500g, greatly reducing the under-spring weight. And BONOSS designed the titanium alloy EVO 9 lug nuts for customers interested in the ultimate racing performance. It is more suitable for intense driving on the track, the weight of 34g is still lighter than the steel alloy lug nuts, but it is far better than the stock lug nuts in terms of performance.

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Are Lightweight Evo 9 Lug Nuts Safe?

The Evo 9 lug nuts are made of aluminum alloy to achieve lightweight, and at the same time, their safety is also tested by professional institutions. BONOSS sent Evo 9 lug nuts of 7075-T6 to SGS, TUV, and other professional third-party testing institutions for testing. The test results are that forged aluminum alloy 7075-T6 can withstand a tensile strength of 572 MPa. The Evo 9 lug nuts made of forged titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V were tested to withstand a tensile strength of 1110 MPa. The Tests can be found on the website, or click here.

Evo 9 lug nuts are made from different grades of steel. Most lug nuts indicate performance in metric grades, with grades 8 and 10 being the most common. Each grade has a specific nut strength, with higher numbers meaning higher tensile strength of the lug nut. The standard lug nut for sedans is a grade 8 lug nut, and larger vehicles will use higher-grade lug nuts, with a minimum guaranteed load of 1100 MPa for a grade 10 nut.

Should I Use Aftermarket Evo 9 Lug Nuts?

You can choose the lightweight forged aluminum Evo 9 lug nuts. The forging eliminates porosity to ensure structural integrity, and the continuous process adds superior mechanical and physical properties generated by heat and pressure. Most importantly, it is lighter, reducing the waste caused by the Evo 9 wheel acceleration due to unsprung weight and making it lighter to drive. The hard anodized anti-rust method allows color customization, and you can choose more colors of Evo 9 lug nuts to match the wheels and accessories.

Likewise, if you want to drive the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 on track days, we recommend the forged titanium Evo 9 lug nuts. With Grade-10 strength, you won’t have to worry about any accidents with it, and it can withstand standard torque installations. The titanium material has superb corrosion resistance, and hard anodizing makes the Evo 9’s exterior resistant to scuffing and corrosion. The special heptagonal mounting pattern plays a good anti-theft role.

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