Yes, you can drive fast with Lexus RC wheel spacers as long as you install them properly. High-quality spacers are indeed safe for sports cars. Typically, forged RC wheel spacers are often more durable. They are significantly stronger and tougher than casting aftermarket spacers. In the forging process, tons of continuous stress makes the internal structure more compact, adding strength to combat everyday wear and tear.

Simply put, when facing bump and impact loads, higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking. Besides, hub-centric Lexus RC wheel spacers will be safer. Because hub-centric wheel spacers come with a hub-centric ring in the middle, which will fit perfectly on the axle hubs and the wheels. In this way, the wheels are centered by the hub connection and the lug nuts can hold it flush against the mounting plate.

Do Lexus RC Wheel Spacers Affect Ride Quality?

Installing Lexus RC wheel spacers to space your wheels out a few millimeters is a good way to enhance ride quality. Because now your wheels are mounted further away from the hub assembly, it creates a wider track. A wider track generally improves grip, which enhances your car’s handling characteristics. These Lexus spacers enable your tires to better grip the road surface, and the rollover resistance is enhanced, even if you’re driving during wet weather or unfavorable conditions, your vehicle doesn’t lose gripping power.

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Apart from the base functions of spacers, BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus RC wheel spacers provide more practical features. For example, the active cooling function. Distributed in petal shape, these heat dissipation grooves allow the external cold air to flow continuously inside the wheel spacer when it rotates. The air takes away the heat, so it achieves the purpose of actively dissipating heat for the braking system. These BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus wheel spacers are helpful to make brake cooling better.

Will Lexus RC Wheel Spacers Cause Wheel Bearing Failure?

Proper-size Lexus RC wheel spacers won’t badly affect the bearings. Higher-performance tires have wider, square sidewalls so the rubbing occurs. For most people, wheel spacers are the best option to eliminate tire rubbing without looking overdone. The Lexus RC wheel spacers are no different than rims with a more negative offset. Therefore, they won’t cause more damage than those sweet offset wheels selling on the market.

BONOSS forged multi-stage hub-centric Lexus RC wheel spacers are considered to be safer and more reliable. The hub-centric metal ring is machined to be multi-layers, the bevels fit for the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. The 0.02mm machining precision guaranteed a high-quality surface. The higher the precision of the contact face, the better the wheel spacers will fit, thus, the safer your driving will be.

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BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5 Lug Wheel Adapters Wheel ET Spacers Main Images (1)
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