ford focus st wheel spacers-bonossDo Ford Focus ST wheel spacers affect the steering ability of the vehicle? The third-generation (C346) Ford Focus can be said to have achieved satisfactory results in the U.S. Although stateside car production has ceased, its availability on the market has made it a massive target for the aftermarket auto part segment. In this article, we will analyze and explain how wheel spacers can tune the steering of the Ford Focus ST.

The Positive Of Ford Focus ST Wheel Spacers

It is very common to install wheel spacers to achieve some specific effect during tuning of wheels and tires. Because they are a very cheap and easy way to correct the ET value of the wheel and increase the wheel track width. Mechanically, after increasing the track width, the roll center (the center of gravity) of the vehicle will drop. This increases the support force on the outside tires when cornering, and reduces the lean angle of the vehicle. It is expected result that spacers can improve the stability of the car and the acceleration when out of corners (the effect is significant on flat roads and racetracks).

How Ford Focus ST Wheel Spacers Tune The Steer Performance?

Not long ago, a user asked BONOSS a question that his 2017 Ford Focus ST Hatchback gets the oversteer issue. And ask us if this problem can be solved by installing wheel spacers of the proper thickness on the rear wheel. My answer is yes, installing wheel spacers is helpful to adjust oversteer, because it will increase the track width of the rear wheels, keep the front wheels unchanged, and adjust the driving posture of the vehicle to solve the problem of oversteer. And if your vehicle encounters an understeer problem, you can also install wheel spacers only on the front wheels to solve this problem. This is an easy and cost-effective retrofit method.

ford focus st wheel spacers-bonoss

However, although it is convenient to install wheel spacers to tune the steer performance, it is necessary to consider the change of the scrub radius of tires, the influence on the leverage of the wheel bearing, and the relative distance from the damper and the spring. If you are not only to beautify the appearance of your Focus ST, but to adjust some handling performance, then we BONOSS recommend that you need to calculate and adjust the wheel spacer you need in our professional guidance or find a professional modification shop near you to make the right and safe mod. Everything is for your safety and more comfortable driving experience.