As a Ford Galaxy owner, one of the essential maintenance tasks you’ll need to perform is changing your tires. Whether you’re replacing worn-out tires or swapping to a seasonal set, understanding the correct lug nut size and torque specifications is crucial. In this post, we’ll delve into the specific details related to Ford Galaxy lug nuts, ensuring you have the right information to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.

What Size Are Ford Galaxy Lug Nuts?

The Ford Galaxy is equipped with lug nuts that measure 14mm x 1.5 thread pitch. This standard size is commonly used across various Ford models, including the Galaxy. It’s essential to use the correct lug nut size to ensure a secure fit and proper torque application.

What Size Socket Are Ford Galaxy Lug Nuts?

To loosen or tighten the lug nuts on your Ford Galaxy, you’ll need a 21mm socket. This socket size is designed to fit snugly over the 14mm lug nuts, providing the necessary leverage and grip to perform the task efficiently and safely.

What Size Torque Are Ford Galaxy Lug Nuts?

Proper torque application is essential for ensuring the lug nuts are tightened correctly and securing the wheel assembly to the vehicle. For the Ford Galaxy, the recommended torque specification for lug nuts is 100 ft-lbs (135 Nm). It’s crucial to follow this specification to avoid under-tightening or over-tightening the lug nuts, which could lead to potential safety issues.

What Size Are Ford Galaxy Lug Nuts?

Why BONOSS Aftermarket Ford Galaxy Lug Nuts Are the Best Choice?

While OEM lug nuts from Ford are a reliable option, many Galaxy owners choose to upgrade to BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts for added durability and peace of mind. Here’s why BONOSS lug nuts are an excellent choice:

  1. Forged 50BV30 Steel with Proof Load ≥ 105,700N: BONOSS lug nuts are forged from high-quality 50BV30 steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The proof load rating of ≥ 105,700N guarantees that these lug nuts can withstand extreme forces and stress, providing superior safety and reliability.
  2. ISO Grade 12 Nuts with BONOSS Engraved: Adhering to the ISO Grade 12 standard, BONOSS lug nuts are designed to meet the highest quality and performance specifications. Each nut is engraved with the BONOSS logo, ensuring authenticity and giving your Ford Galaxy a stylish touch.
  3. Special Surface Treatment with NSS ≥ 500H: To enhance corrosion resistance and longevity, BONOSS lug nuts undergo a special surface treatment process. With a Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) rating of ≥ 500 hours, these lug nuts are incredibly resistant to rust, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh weather conditions.
  4. Included 4 Heptagon Wheel Locks with Dual Hex Socket: To prevent theft and unauthorized wheel removal, BONOSS lug nut sets come with four heptagon wheel locks featuring a dual hex socket design. This added security measure provides peace of mind and protects your investment.
  5. More SGS TÜV Reports Certificated, Quality Guarantee: BONOSS lug nuts are backed by numerous SGS TÜV reports, which are internationally recognized certifications for product quality and safety. This ensures that you’re getting a top-notch product that meets the highest industry standards.
  6. Worry-free 10 Years Warranty: Demonstrating their confidence in their products, BONOSS offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty on their lug nuts. This exceptional warranty coverage provides unparalleled peace of mind and protection for your investment.

In conclusion, understanding the correct lug nut size, socket size, and torque specifications for your Ford Galaxy is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s safety and performance. By investing in high-quality BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts, you can enjoy superior durability, enhanced security, and long-lasting performance, all while keeping your Galaxy rolling smoothly for years to come.