The most common Ford locking wheel nuts you could find are spline drive nuts and heptagon nuts. Spline drive locking wheel nuts are designed with many narrow grooves on the head and even down the sides. A special key socket can fit over the grooves and make it easy to install/remove these locking wheel nuts. All the splines aren’t the same pattern. Besides, the narrow spline shape will fit more aftermarket wheels which are made with small lug holes.

As the name states, the Heptagon Ford locking wheel nuts have unique Heptagon (7-side) shape heads, which make it hard to be stolen due to the irregular shape. This means they require a special 7-side socket adapter to remove the nuts. The 7-side keys are available in various inside diameter sizes. Even though the thieves have 7-side socket adapters, it is difficult for them to find the correct one to fit.

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Are Titanium Ford Locking Wheel Nuts Worth It?

Replacing the stock wheel nuts with aftermarket Titanium Ford locking wheel nuts is a good idea to enhance performance and personalize your car. Because lighter wheel nuts help reduce unsprung weight. That is why many racing vehicles will use Titanium wheel nuts for strength and lightweight. Each BONOSS Titanium lug nut weighs about 34g, and a set of BONOSS Titanium Subaru lug nuts weigh about 680g. Besides, the proof load of BONOSS forged Titanium wheel nuts has reached 138,800 N.

What’s better, these BONOSS forged Titanium Ford locking wheel nuts are unique Heptagon (7-side) shaped, which makes them hard to steal due to their irregular shapes. To well protect your finest wheels, a set of Heptagon Ford lug nuts will be very helpful. A thin oxide (TiO2, titania) layer spontaneously forms a cover on the surface to protect it against rust or corrosion. This type of lug nut also has extraordinary corrosion resistance. Such BONOSS Ford locking wheel nuts surely bring your car to higher performance as well as a better wheel style.

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