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Are wheel spacers safe on my Mustang? Why put wheel spacers on my Mustang? How to choose Mustang wheel spacers? Mustang enthusiasts are always looking for accessories to improve the appearance and performance of their pony cars. The most attractive and amazing parts are providing enhancements in both areas. That’s the main reason why Mustang wheel spacers are so popular.

So why put wheel spacers on a Mustang?

As I said the Mustang wheel spacers can improve your Mustang appearance, make your car more aggressive, and technically affect your car alignment. Installing wheel spacers of a suitable thickness will make your wheels flush to the finder. Many Mustang drivers love the wider stance that matches the muscle car fame. But aside from the appearance, most Mustang enthusiasts invest in wheel spacers for driving performance. Mustang wheel spacers are functional aspects like clearance and correction equipment. Some aftermarket wheels or brakes are not always compatible with stock kits of Mustang, wheel spacers provide a very budget-friendly option to correct the offset issue instead of costing a pretty penny to a set of brand-new wheels. Mustang wheel spacers prevent the premature wear of your ball joints and unit bearings.

Are wheel spacers safe on a Mustang?

People always talk about hub-centric versus lug-centric, we recommend the hub-centric wheel spacers are more safety. The hub-centric plate design ensures your tires are perfectly centered on the axle preventing shaking, vibration, or overwear due to imbalance.

How to choose Mustang wheel spacers.

Wheel spacers failed and other accidents may not seem surprising to cheap wheel spacers purchased on eBay or other e-stores, as the products are not made with professional materials and designs. But for our BONOSS, we are specializing in making wheel spacers, the Mustang wheel spacers we provide are more reliable than any other brand. Unlike other brands, we insist on actual measurement of various accuracy data, refuse to use “routine ready-made data”. To 2015-2021 Ford Mustang, BONOSS have appropriate S550 specific PCD 5×4.5 (5×114.3) wheel spacers, Center Bore 70.5 mm, and Thread Size M14x1.5 to make sure your Mustang wheel spacers match your pony car perfectly. For the old chassis Ford Mustang, BONOSS provides precision wheel spacers also.

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BONOSS Mustang wheel spacers two characteristics:

There are two characteristics of BONOSS wheel spacers that no other brands have: 1. The Active Cooling wheel spacers. The active cooling design of BONOSS wheel spacers improves brake efficiency by using the rotation of tires to take away the heat of the brake and wheel. 2. The Lightweight Plus wheel spacers. It effectively reduces weight and energy consumption to achieve a balance between high performance and environmental protection.

BONOSS Mustang wheel spacers materials and design:1. Made from high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy 7075-T6, lightweight, forged. 2. Hard anodized for durability and corrosion protection. 3. The “knurling” design is used on the cylindrical surface of the wheel spacer, which can effectively increase the contact area with air and increase the cooling effect. 4. The PCD hole seat used to fix the wheel spacer is a full-cone seat design, which has better comprehensive performance and higher safety than the part-cone seat design. The selection of materials, processing methods, and matching accuracy make BONOSS Ford Mustang wheel spacers more reliable in terms of safety and quality. If you need help identifying the right Mustang wheel spacers for your pony, get in touch with our customer service team. Our staff can provide expert advice or guidance to you and seek out the best solution for any problems with Mustang wheel spacers immediately.

Mustang wheel spacers installation tips.

Tip 1: For installation, you need to prepare some tools:  jack, jack stand,  1/2 inch wrench, 1/2 inch torque wrench, 3/4 socket spanner, 13/16 socket spanner; and if installed on the front wheels by yourself, a pry bar should be prepared to prevent swing of wheels.

Tip 2: Each order is a pair of spacers for the front two wheels or rear two wheels. So you need to buy two pairs for your vehicle if you want your four wheels installed spacers.

Tip 3: We recommend 25mm and up Mustang wheel spacers on OEM wheels due to some fitting issues that will occur with spacers below 25mm. Due to a random “scalloping” on the rear of OEM wheels would get stuck or rubbing hub spacers studs if spacers thickness below 25mm. Some people will fit fine others will need the OEM studs trimming down to fit wheel spacers well.