Do you really know about your new 2021 Mercedes-Benz  W167 GLE 450? Especially when you’re going to change the worn factory W167 wheels bolts or add wheel spacers. GLE-Class is a special series SUV in Mercedes-Benz that uses M15×1.25 wheel bolts. To meet the broader need of MB owners, most aftermarket accessories manufacturers didn’t produce this rare W167 wheel bolt. Given the specialty of GLE-Class, if you accidentally bought the wrong wheel bolts, terrible damage will occur, including the rubbing against bolt hole and wheel hub, and the loosening risk of wheels in driving. Don’t worry, I make a list of these problems below to answer your confusion about 15×1.25 wheel bolts.

Whats the Difference between W167 Wheel Bolts and Others?

It is a new design on Mercedes wheel bolts and worth notice. Majority of Benz models like GLA, GLB, GLC use type thread M14×1.5, but which of the new 2021 W167 GLE 450 is M15×1.25. Don’t underestimate this seemingly small difference because it determines whether your wheels can be tightened with the axle safely.

When do You Need to Change Your 2021 W167 Wheel Bolts?

There are several situations where you need to change the W167 GLE 450 wheel bolts. Under these conditions, be careful to opt for the correct M15×1.25 wheel bolts.

  • When the factory wheel bolts of your 2021 W167 are cracked or rusted. This situation may be led by long-time driving without maintenance. To ensure your safety, as long as you feel any vibration or noise with your wheel system, you’d better give a check. Compared with steel wheel bolts, aluminum alloy M15×1.25 wheel bolts have higher performance and corrosion resistance.
  • When you place wheel spacers. As the working principle of wheel spacers, the spacers are first fitted to the axle with the matching wheel bolts, and your stock wheel bolts are used to bolt the wheels with wheel spacers. The matching M15×1.25 wheel bolts must be in the same spec as your W167 wheel bolts. Be sure the matching bolts are M15×1.25. Don’t be fooled by some dishonest and unprofessional merchants.

Where to Find the Correct 2021 W167 Wheel Bolts?

Given the thread type of the new Mercedes W167 GLE 450 wheel bolts are specially designed, it’s hard to find the right-spec and high-quality wheel bolts in the market. If a company told you that they mass-produce W167 wheel bolts, don’t believe their bragging. BONOSS provides exclusive and customized service on this special Mercedes-Benz SUV-2021 W167 GLE 450. Customization means higher precision and safety. If you additionally install wheel spacers, BONOSS extended wheel bolts can provide the extra needed length. The wheel bolts are ISO standard grade 10, and the hardness, proof load, fatigue strength have all passed SGS and TUV tests. OEM and ODM are also available, and you only need to wait for 1-3days.