The most common thread sizes of Chevy Silverado lug nuts are M14x1.5mm. Generally, manufacturers will indicate the thread sizes of your stock lug nuts. Simply check the specifications and find a suitable set. Then you go to the second factor – the seat type. If you have ever changed the OEM wheels, you will know there are various lug seat types. Most Chevy stock wheel nuts are cone seats. So, when you upgrade to new aftermarket rims, checking the seat types is necessary.

Although the stock Chevy wheel nuts have been treated with a certain chrome-plated coating when moisture infiltrates the space, rust, and corrosion develop and build up between the two separate pieces. The rust and corrosion between the chrome decorative cap cause swollen Chevy Silverado lug nuts. If you find swollen lug nuts, the best solution is to replace them with quality brand lug nuts. Generally, higher tensile strength ensures a stronger bolted joint. They are not easy to break.

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What Brand Chevy Silverado Lug Nuts Are Good?

BONOSS is a specialist who designs and builds Chevy Silverado truck lug nuts exclusively. These BONOSS forged 50BV30 lug nuts are ISO grade 12 approved. They undergo a series of safety tests before leaving the factory. The minimum proof load is 105,700N. This means when facing fierce impacts, these types of truck lug nuts are not easy to break. Therefore, these BONOSS forged 50BV30 Chevy Silverado lug nuts can withstand most hard-driving styles in 4×4 off-roading events.

To keep the fake products away, each BONOSS genuine wheel nut is “BONOSS engraved”. You can find the BONOSS logo marked on the surfaces. These Chevy Silverado wheel nuts are made in BONOSS’s factory, so the quality is well guaranteed. Only genuine BONOSS forged 50BV30 Chevy Silverado lug nuts are covered by the 10-year warranty. That is why we always suggest genuine BONOSS forged 50BV30 Silverado wheel nuts to customers.

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