In our BONOSS Mod Day (usually every Saturday), we brought in a 2019 Honda Accord for upgrading. How should I correctly install 2019 Honda Accord wheel spacers? How do 2019 Honda Accord wheel spacers make the vehicle better? I’m going to have a detailed answer in this article with a video our team made, so let’s get it!

2019 Honda Accord Wheel Spacers Correct Installation Steps

honda accord wheel spacers-bonoss

1. Park your Honda Accord in a flat and open place:

When we are going to install the wheel spacers, be sure to choose a flat road. Because if the vehicle is in a non-level state, accident may happen in the installation process. And make sure that there are no vehicles and pedestrians nearby.

2. Pull on the handbrake, turn off the flame, and do the measurement:

Pulling the handbrake and turning off the flame are the most basic requirements, so I won’t say much. You need to find a square, make it level with the outer side of the wheel, then hold it vertically up against the fender, and read the number on it. The measured distance is the thickness of the spacer suitable for your Accord. Of course, this is only for those vehicles that didn’t mod the suspension kits. Because if the wheel is too protruding from the fender, it may cause the upper edge of the tire to hit the fender and cause damage when the vehicle is fully loaded or passes through some bumpy roads. (Generally, off-roaders don’t need to consider this, because their suspension heights are generally very high)

3. When the vehicle is still on the ground, loosen the wheel lug nuts:

The advantage of loosening the lug nuts on the ground is that if you wait until the vehicle is jacked up, and then forcefully loosen the lug nuts, you may need a friend to help you hold the steering wheel.

4. Put the jack and the jack stand:

This step requires the use of the jack to lift the vehicle off the ground. Be sure to find the right place of the vehicle load jack. If you can’t find it, you can check the vehicle manual or seek professional help to avoid unnecessary losses caused by blind operation. Jack stand is necessary to the installation procedures, safety is always the most important.

honda accord wheel spacers-bonoss

5. Dismantle the wheel lug nuts and remove the tire:

We had loosened the lug nuts once before while the vehicle was still on the ground. Now you can easily remove the lug nuts. Remember, when loosening the last lug nut, put your hand or foot against the tire to avoid the tire slipping and hurting yourself.

6. Check the rust condition of the axle and remove the rust:

The height of the wheel assembly is very low and very close to the ground, so this is a very rust-prone part. After removing the tire, check the inner face of the wheel and the axle for rust. If the rust is not serious, please use rust remover and sandpaper to simply clean rust to avoid errors and vibrations when installing the wheel spacer. If the rust is very serious, stop installing the spacer and go to a nearby professional auto repair shop for repair immediately.

7. Install the Honda Accord Wheel Spacers on the axle rotor:

This step is very simple, just need to correspond to the screw holes on the spacers and the studs on the axle rotor to install the Honda Accord wheel spacers. This step also tests the high- or low-level of spacer products. If the matching accuracy of the spacer you selected is not good, you can shake the spacer up and down by hand after installing it. Or you can perform a Paper Test, which is to sandwich a piece of paper between the spacer and the axle rotor, fix the spacer, and see if the paper can be pulled out.

8. Fix the spacer on the studs of the axle rotor with lug nuts:

The spacers we installed this time are designed to be the BLM version of BONOSS bolt-on hub-centric wheel spacers, so we need two sets of lug nuts. Fix the spacer on the studs of the axle rotor using the lug nuts provided by the BONOSS, and fix the lug nuts according to the Wheel Tightening Torque required by the X-generation Honda Accord.

honda accord wheel spacers-bonss

9. Install the tire on the studs of the spacer and crosswise screw the wheel:

There are studs on the spacer designed by Bolt-on, lift the wheel hub to align the studs, and fix the wheel in a crosswise fixing method according to the requirements of the Wheel Tightening Torque.

10. Put the Accord on the ground, do a 10-minute-test-driving, and finish the installation:

After fixing the wheel on the vehicle, remove the jack stand, lower the jack, and return the vehicle to the ground. Use the torque wrench again to tighten the lug nuts as required. And then do a 10-minute-test-driving, to check whether the tires vibrate or other abnormal conditions. If all is well, just after the 10-minute test, tighten the lug nuts again. That’s all for the correct installation of Honda Accord Wheel Spacers.

What Can 2019 Honda Accord Wheel Spacers Make The Vehicle Outstanding?

With spacers installed, the tires of your vehicle will be pushed, and even stock wheels can achieve the effect of expensive negative ET wheels. The Accord spacers make your tires parallel or protrude from the car body kit. Make the vehicle more aggressive, or achieve any road-running stance of your dream vehicle!

honda accord wheel spacers-bonoss