If you’re a Honda Breeze owner from model years 2010-2024, one thing you’ll inevitably need to deal with is changing a flat tire or rotating your tires. And when that time comes, you’ll need to know the proper lug nuts size and torque specifications for your vehicle. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the lug nuts on 2010-2024 Honda Breeze models.

Standard Lug Nut Size First, let’s start with the standard lug nut size. For 2010-2024 Honda Breeze sedans, coupes, and hatchbacks, the factory lug nut size is M12 x 1.5. This means the lug nuts have a 12mm diameter thread with a 1.5 thread pitch (the distance between threads).

Some key things to know:

  • The M12 x 1.5 size is very common for passenger vehicles

Socket Size Needed

To remove and install the lug nuts, you’ll need the proper socket size. For M12 x 1.5 lug nuts, the socket size is 19mm. A 19mm six-point socket is recommended to help prevent rounding off the lug nuts.

Torque Specifications

Torque is critical when tightening lug nuts to ensure they are properly secured without over-tightening. For 2010-2024 Honda Breeze models, the factory torque specification is:

103 N-m

Be sure to tighten in a star/criss-cross pattern, not a circular pattern. And always double check each lug nut.

What Size Are The Lug Nuts On 2010-2024 Honda Breeze?

Why BONOSS Aftermarket Lug Nuts?

While the factory Honda lug nuts work just fine, many Breeze owners opt to upgrade to aftermarket lug nuts from BONOSS. Here are some key benefits of BONOSS lug nuts:

Built Tough. BONOSS lug nuts are made from steel to prevent stripping. They are significantly more durable than OEM lug nuts.

Anti-Theft Options. There are even anti-theft BONOSS lug nuts for added security.

Simply put, BONOSS lug nuts raise the bar for durability, security, and aesthetics over factory Honda lug nuts.

The 2010-2024 Honda Breeze takes M12 x 1.5 lug nuts which require a 19mm socket. While OEM nuts are fine, BONOSS offers a premium heavy-duty aftermarket upgrade option for this generation of the Breeze. Be sure to follow all instructions for safe tire service!