When it comes to purchasing 20mm spacers for wheels, there’s a lot to take into account. While how big a 20mm spacer is important, it’s obviously pretty critical that it safely fits your vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to understand wheel spacer size. The size of a 20mm spacer comprises the following two dimensions: thickness and bolt pattern. To make sure you get the right 20mm spacers for your vehicle, it helps to have a basic understanding of these dimensions.

A 20mm spacer means the thickness of the spacer is 0.75 inches (20mm). By using 20mm spacers, you can push the wheels and tires outwards from the hub assembly. As a rule of thumb, the perfect size wheel spacers will eventually get your wheels flush nicely with the fenders. So, if you are considering buying a set of 20mm wheel spacers, make sure your wheel fenders have at least 20mm wheel gap.

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How Are 20mm Spacers Measured?

The bolt pattern (diameter) of a 20mm spacer is the distance measured in inches (or millimeters) across the face of the spacer, from one lug seat to the opposite one. It consists of two numbers: how many bolt holes a wheel has, as well as the diameter of the imaginary circle those bolt holes create. Giving an example, 5×114.3mm means the wheel spacer has 5 lug holes around a 114.3mm diameter circle. Keep in mind that the second number can be given in both inches and millimeters.

The most common wheel bolt patterns are 4 lugs, 5 lug, 6 lug, and 8 lug bolt patterns. It’s measured this way because that’s where the spacer directly contacts the vehicle hub and wheel. The diameter can vary according to the specific vehicle hub. Only the spacers and wheel hubs of the same bolt pattern can be safely mounted together, meaning you can only mount a 5×114.3 20mm spacers on a 5×114.3 vehicle hub.

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Can I Put 20mm Spacers On My Car?

Mostly, as long as you have a 20mm wheel gap, you can put 20mm spacers on your vehicle. But things can be a little complicated when it comes to tire rubbing issues. So, it is better to measure the wheel gap. Take a straight edge and place it against the outermost part of the rims/tires, then measure from the outside wheel to the fender line to see how much space you have available. Repeat this on the front and rear wheels and you’ll soon get a feel for how big wheel spacers you require. For instance, if the value is 25mm, you can install 20mm – 25mm wheel spacers.

After installing a 20mm spacer, turn the steering wheel to the left and right on the spot, and check whether there are tires rubbing with other parts such as the inner wheel arch, fenders, or shock absorbers. (If there is a rubbing issue, you may need to replace the 20mm wheel spacers with a different thickness).

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