How Do You Rust Proof Lug Nuts BONOSS Hard Anodizing Aluminum Lug Nuts Rust Proof Coating (2)

Most wheel lug nuts are exposed to air and water, as time goes by, rust occurs. Rust is a form of iron oxide which causes the lug nuts to corrode. This can quickly become a big problem with lug nuts. It causes the metal to expand, which can place great stress on the structure as a whole. At the same time, the lug nuts will be weakened and become brittle and flaky. It ruins the functionality and stability of the nuts and it can cost you more in routine maintenance.

When it comes to keeping your wheel nuts looking good while also maintaining durability, preventing rust in the first place is key. Knowing how to prevent rust from lug nuts effectively can save you money and avoid serious problems. Here we’ve collected several ways to prevent rust.

Use Quality Coated Lug Nuts

Iron lug nuts are easy to corrode, however, alloy ones will not. Because alloys are made from two or more different metals and they each corrode at different rates. This is why alloy lug nuts are better resistant to rusting. Brand lug nuts are usually made of stainless material, which is made to prevent rust completely. In addition to the rustproof, the alloy steel performs better in strength, toughness, hardness, appearance, and many other properties.

Aluminum lug nuts are a popular choice for automobiles not only because they’re lightweight but also because they resist corrosion. When aluminum is exposed to water it creates a film of aluminum oxide over the metal that protects the metal beneath it from corrosion. Paints will also create a protective layer over lug nuts and prevent moisture from reaching them. A proper painting can be a simple and easy way to prevent rusting.

How Do You Rust Proof Lug Nuts BONOSS Hard Anodizing Aluminum Lug Nuts Rust Proof Coating (1)

Properly Install Lug Nuts

Due to wear and tear over time, the coating may wear off, hence losing the protection of the lug nuts. Another reason for rusty lug nuts is the use of the impact wrench. One little slip and the wrench will damage the coating layers on the nut and cause it to rust in short order. The more the coating layer gets cracked, the more rust occurs. As with many things, some small preventative measures upfront can help improve the corrosion resistance of your lug nuts. For instance, when installing the lug nuts, remember to apply anti-seize.

Do some cleaning for your vehicle hub. Spray degreaser on the lug studs and wipe down the surface, ensuring it is clean and smooth. A good rustproof coating is effective to protect lug nuts from corrosion-related failure. Manufacturing companies often treat their nuts during production. It is a good idea to fill some soft film or similar things in the socket. This effectively avoids the layers being destroyed during installation. Although an impact wrench makes it easier to install these lug nuts, we would recommend using a torque wrench. After all, a torque wrench ensures the force that is applied to each lug nut is the same and even.