Simply put, a 20mm spacer provides about -20mm wheel offset. This is because 20mm wheel spacers will push your wheels out 20mm which offers the same effect as a wheel with 20mm less offset than your OEM wheel. Giving an example, if your OEM wheel offset is +45mm and a 20mm spacer will make the offset become +25mm. In return, you will enjoy all the advantages that low-offset wheels can provide.

Wheel spacers can change the offset directly. If the offset of the wheel is not correct for the car, the handling can be adversely affected. In this case, 20mm spacers will be your most cost-effective and quickest solution to correct the offset for your new aftermarket wheels. A lower positive wheel offset will typically result in the wheels being flusher to the fender, giving your vehicle a more attractive look.

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Is 20mm Spacers Offset a Big Difference?

It depends. 20mm isn’t a huge amount. On some cars, installing 20mm spacers will make the wheels and tires flush with the fenders properly. But if you get aftermarket wheels that are higher offset than the OEM ones, 20mm spacers may make them close to the OEM setup. This makes little difference. 40mm offset is usually within tolerances for most cars. However, properly decreasing the positive offset is usually a rewardable project.

Installing a 20mm spacer to lower the offset results in the wheel sticking out further than the stock wheel did. This usually means a wider track. A wider track enlarges the support surface of the vehicle, hence improving the performance in the curve. The contact points with the ground stand wider apart, creating better stability, and keeping the car on the track. This helps increase the comfort of the passengers. 20mm spacer does make the handling a big difference.

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Will 20mm Spacers Help with Rubbing?

Many car technicians will agree that 20mm spacers will be a good idea to fit wider wheels and encounter clearance issues. When the width of the wheel changes, the offset also changes numerically. Even if the tire width is the same as OEM’s, the difference in offset may not make them work correctly. 20mm spacers create additional space to accommodate bigger suspension parts. This is effective to keep wheels from rubbing against the fender and wheel well line.

A 20mm spacer is no different than a wheel, if it is torqued properly, it will never come off. Follow the included instructions when installing these parts. These 20mm wheel spacers are exactly safe and beneficial. BONOSS tech team have test fitted thousands of different vehicles for proper fitment. Our extensive database allows our sales staff to offer you the perfect fit for your vehicle.