10mm spacers serve as an economical way to allow you to safely adopted bigger brake calipers while keeping the current wheels. If you install 10mm spacers on all front wheels, then the track width will be increased by 20mm. This is a safe and useful benefit. The wider the track, the better the handling of curves and swerving. This enhances stability as well as reduces the rolling tendency.

They are sandwiched by the wheels and vehicle hubs. When the wheel bolts are properly torqued, they apply a clamping force to secure everything in right place. As long as you have a full thread engagement to prevent flexing and loss of clamp force, there will be no weak parts, meaning they are safe and reliable. All in all, a set of quality 10mm spacers is a guarantee of safety.

How to Ensure 10mm Spacers Safe BONOSS Forged Genuine Spacers SGS TUV Wheel Spacers for Safety (2)

Use Forged 10mm Spacers

You may have made up a mind about aluminum 10mm spacers. But even if they are the same material, with different manufacturing processes, they perform different mechanical properties. Commonly there are two main processes: forging and casting. In short, forged 10mm spacers have a longer and more reliable service life than castings. Due to the grain flow of the solid billet aluminum piece being altered to conform to the shape, forged wheel spacers are stronger and more reliable than castings. The forging process provides uniformity in the structure and composition of the finished part. It means these forged 10mm spacers can withstand more external impact and shear strength without breaking. They are a much safer option.

In contrast to forging, a casting wheel spacer is made by pouring molten metal into a mold of the desired shape. Therefore, the casting parts are susceptible to cavities, cold pour problems, porosity, or shrinkage. These issues are huge potential risks. Always get rid of casting spacers. They are cheaper, however, the saved money doesn’t worth it. In order to improve the safety of 10mm spacers, choosing the forged set is a wise choice.

How to Ensure 10mm Spacers Safe BONOSS Forged Genuine Spacers SGS TUV Wheel Spacers for Safety (3)

How to Ensure 10mm Spacers Safe BONOSS Forged Genuine Spacers SGS TUV Wheel Spacers for Safety (4)

Use 10mm Spacers with Better Corrosion Resistance

When installed, 10mm spacers become the important parts that connect the wheels and hub assembly. When the spacer is exposed to weather elements and chemicals, rust occurs. Oxygen and water can easily corrode the spacer which accelerates the wear and tear of the vehicle’s wheel. Therefore, opting to 10mm spacers with great corrosion resistance is another way to add insurance to safety.

Every manufacturer is trying to make their 10mm spacers better in corrosion resistance. Aluminum spacer forms a layer of oxide which renders it non-reactive with elements that are corrosive to the underlying metal. A proper anodizing greatly enhances the anti-rust ability. BONOSS 10mm spacers apply excellent black hard anodizing process. This process provides the surface with better abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and smoother and harder finish protection than regular anodizing plating. The black dye not only brings a premium appearance but also tends to be more lightfast. To be lightfast means that the colors will not fade as quickly. It is an ideal hard coating process for forged Aluminum 10mm spacers.