Can I use LC300 wheel adapters to fit LC200 wheels? Are LC300 adapters a good idea? Where can I buy an LC300 conversion spacer? Since the bolt pattern of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series is 6 bolt, many owners are wondering whether it is possible to install 5 bolt LC200 wheels on the new LC300. The answer is Yes, as long as you use LC300 6 lug to 5 lug wheel adapters. Mostly, wheel adapters are designed to change bolt patterns, center bore diameters, and correct wheel offset in order to properly install wheels that are not specifically made for your car. Besides, large wheels and big brake kits can be mounted safely on your vehicle with the help of wheel adapters. Your LC300 becomes more stable as the wheel adapter provides additional width for the wheel track. In this way, the weight of the vehicle is distributed on all the wheels equally which in turn improves the comfort of car handling. Aesthetically, the vehicle that installs the wheel adapters get an aggressive and sporty look due to the pushing outside of the wheels. The appearance gets a boost with the wheels flush with the fender line.

How to Install My LC300 Wheel Adapters?

An LC300 wheel adapter installation is easy work that has a good effect on your driving experience. They come with PCD conversion function (e.g., 6 lug to 5 lug adapter). The hub side of the adapter (that will fasten with the matching lugs) is made to your LC300 hub specification and the LC200 wheel side will have matching lug studs on it in a 5×150 bolt pattern. When you get your 6 bolt to 5 bolt conversion spacer and ready to install, the instructions below may help you walk through each step:wheel-spacers-installation-2

  1. Park your LC300 in a safe, well-lit, level area, leave the wheels in contact with the ground;
  2. Loosen all the lug nuts, lift the car and slowly remove the wheel;
  3. Cleaning the entire hub surface, ensuring it is clean and smooth;
  4. Place your LC300 adapters on the hub and ensure that the adapter is firmly seated and flush against the hub;
  5. Tighten the adapter with the matching lug nuts to the vehicle hub to specific torque;
  6. Installing your LC200 wheel, use the stock lug nuts to secure it;
  7. Repeat the above steps for the remaining wheels;
  8. Then your LC200 wheels are safely installed on your LC300.

Can I Customize LC300 Wheel Adapters?

With the combination of the independent factory, advanced production techniques, autonomous design, and abundant actual measuring data, BONOSS produces and guarantees superior and high-performance custom LC300 wheel adapters. The most important things we need to know are thickness and your vehicle’s bolt pattern (also called PCD). Measuring the wheel gap is the most basic beginning of determining the thickness of the LC300 wheel adapters. It will help you find the proper thickness. The other crucial thing is the bolt pattern. If you would like to convert the bolt pattern, then you need to figure out both the bolt pattern of the factory hub of your LC300 and the bolt pattern of the wheels you attempt to add. For over 10 years, BONOSS has built customized wheel adapters to a strict specification. We provide non-normal thickness’s customized service, completed only in 1-3 days, 3mm-160mm thick, 130mm-350mm dimension is available, OEM/ODM is available. The color and decorative pattern of wheel spacers and adapters are also available to be customized. Besides, they are made with modern CNC machinery, precision to 0.02mm tolerance, ensuring that each wheel spacer or adapter fits snugly and securely, and is built to your exact specifications.