Wheel spacers are car upgrading components that are installed between the vehicle hubs and rims. They just push the entire wheels out away from the brakes and suspension. This reduces the backspacing of the rims. In fact, wheel spacers are almost the same things as rims with less backspacing. Both these items will push the tires to protrude outwards more than the OEM set. This not only makes your vehicle look more aggressive but also improves handling.

The best part of wheel spacers is the increased inner wheel clearance. As this clearance increases, you lower the risk of the tire rubbing the suspension or brakes. Usually, a performance brake kit comes with larger brake calipers, which require more inside wheel space to fit. At this point, wheel spacers are effective to keep the caliper from rubbing the wheel spokes. The same function applies to some aftermarket shock absorbers, lift kits, or offset wheels.

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What Do Wheel Spacers Do for Aerodynamics?

For many enthusiasts, wheel spacers are helpful to complete your wide-body build. Basically, if you added wider fenders, you would need new offset wheels to fit. However, some people just like their wheels and don’t want to replace them. That is where wheel spacers come into play. By moving the wheels outward, they bring the wheels flush with the wide fenders. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time to get a set of new offset wheels.

Choosing proper-size wheel spacers not only improves the appearance but also prevents the tires from hitting any suspension parts. Generally, it depends on how much gap you’ll be happy with. For example, if the stock wheels stick in fenders about 30mm, you need 30mm wheel spacers to fill the wheel gap. You can find a setup you like, and go with that. As long as there are no rubbing issues.

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Will Wheel Spacers Cause Uneven Tire Wear?

In fact, no, wheel spacers don’t cause uneven tire wear. They simply serve as the extension parts of the vehicle assembly. And tire wear will vary greatly depending on the tire performance, wheel alignment, and driving habits. If you have never changed coilovers, camber, toe-in, or toe-out, then adding wheel spacers won’t the stock wheel geometry. As long as the spacers are fitted to the car properly, they have nothing to do with tire wear issues.

Mostly, reputable manufacturers make precise wheel spacers. When talking about wheel spacers for performance upgrades, aluminum types come as a priority. BONOSS wheel spacers are made of forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloys. Both these two types of spacers are of good strength, toughness, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Because of good thermal conductivity, the aluminum wheel spacers will dissipate brake heat better. This is exactly good for rims or brakes.

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