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Wheel Spacers help Volvo XC90 customers get a wilder off-road driving experience. Volvo has always been sought after by consumers as the safest vehicle brand and there is no doubting its safety, and the 2022 Volvo XC90 is no different, but beyond the safety keyword, Volvo has adopted more of the XC90 to suit as an SUV Off-road performance, including optional air suspension, the ability to raise the height of the body by 40mm in off-road mode, and adjustable suspension matched to suitable wheel spacers will change the offset to provide a wider track, greatly enhancing the XC90’s ability to face complex road conditions.

Why Are Wheel Spacers Suitable For SUVs?

The 2022 Volvo XC90, for example, offers 40mm of body height (ground clearance) in off-road mode. As an SUV, the increased ground clearance means improved road passing ability, especially when encountering road obstacles, avoiding cuts to the vehicle chassis, and allowing more vertical space to absorb impacts from rough roads, and most consumers choose SUVs for this reason, not just for their urban counterparts, but for the pleasure of driving in a wider range of road conditions.

There are advantages and disadvantages to increased ground clearance. With increased height, lateral roll and instability during off-road driving will increase, and pros will consider the option of buying four brand new off-road wheels to get a more suitable offset as well, or the more cost-effective option of buying a set of (four) wheel spacers, which change the offset and alter the track, pushing the wheels outwards until they are flush with the fender, which may be the ideal solution.

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The benefits gained by fitting wheel spacers are not only off-road, it allows for use on city roads and will give you unexpected surprises in terms of vehicle handling. The fitting of wheel spacers provides the right track. The weight of the XC90, for example, is such that the driver has to maneuver carefully due to the possible shift of the center of gravity when turning, whereas the wider track effectively improves the stability of the vehicle’s steering, which is one of the reasons why wheel spacers are suitable for SUVs.

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Wheel Spacers VS Negative Offset

Wheel Spacers correct the offset of the vehicle, offset is the distance between the center line of the wheel and the surface to which it is mounted to the hub. there are three types of offset, positive offset, zero offset, and negative offset, they refer to

  • Positive Offset: The surface of the hub is away from the rim centreline and close to the street side.
  • Zero Offset: The hub surface is exactly on the rim centreline.
  • Negative Offset: The hub surface inside the rim centreline, away from the street side.

And often the aim of getting the rim pushed outwards is to require a negative offset, this can be achieved in two ways, the first is to purchase four negative offset aftermarket rims, but the offset of these four rims has to be selected depending on the distance from the OE rims to the fender, there may be the right offset but not the right style. The second option is to choose to purchase wheel spacers, which are available in a variety of thicknesses and do not require the purchase of new aftermarket rims, retaining the original rims and correcting the offset by increasing the distance from the wheel centreline to the hub surface, which is how to wheel spacers relate to negative offset.

The impact of buying aftermarket rims with negative offset is the same as fitting wheel spacers, and using reasonably thick wheel spacers is a much more economical option. Properly fitted quality wheel spacers will help the Volvo XC90 navigate more roads.

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BONOSS recommends that customers who have wheel spacers installed have their vehicles inspected regularly to check the performance of the wheel spacers and the condition of the rims during the recommended 6-month inspection period to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive.