Wheel spacers serve as an economical way to allow you to keep the correcting wheels and move them out a bit. If you use 2-inch wheel spacers, then the wheels will be pushed out 2 inches (50.8mm). Many off-roading people prefer to buy new wheels with wheel spacers, 2-inch wheel spacers are a safe and affordable alternative. They are bolted to the vehicle studs and the wheels are secured on the spacers. The wheel lugs apply a clamping force to lock the spacers and wheels to the vehicle hub. When the lug nuts are properly torqued, the wheel studs will stretch elastically to keep everything in the right place. Even if you are using 2-inch wheel spacers, as long as you have a full thread engagement to prevent flexing and loss of clamp force, there will be no weak parts, meaning they are safe and reliable. Since they move your wheels out much, there are a few factors that are very important to keep 2-inch wheel spacers safe in your off-roading events.

Purchase Quality 2-inch Wheel Spacers

When shopping for 2-inch wheel spacers, check out the performance. The higher the strength, the safer the spacers are. There are two critical parameters you should figure out first – the tensile strength and the yield strength. The tensile strength of the wheel spacers is the maximum amount of tensile stress that it can be subjected to before failure. So, if a wheel spacer has high tensile strength, it essentially means that it can resist a lot of tension before it breaks. And the yield strength is very important for wheel spacers since it is the maximum stress that can be applied before it begins to change shape permanently. So, if a wheel spacer has high yield strength, it essentially means that it can resist a lot of tension before it breaks.

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BONOSS 2-inch Wheel Spacers Safe High Performance 2 Wheel Spacers

Most wheel spacers’ tensile strength and yield are below 125 Mpa. However, BONOSS off-road 2-inch wheel spacers have achieved tensile strength and yield strength up to 572 Mpa and 503 Mpa. They are made of high-grade forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 billet aluminum alloy. Not just the spacers themselves, but the lug studs are of the highest quality. The provided wheel studs of BONOSS wheel spacers applied high-strength JIS SCM440 steel material. They are ISO Standard Grade 12.9 approved (most OEM studs or bolts are grade 10.9). The tensile strength is up to 1,220 Mpa, and the ultimate tensile load is up to 152,000N. High-quality hardware is the insurance of your ride.

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Make Sure 2-inch Wheel Spacers Are Not Too Much

If you would like to use 2-inch wheel spacers, make sure they are properly fitted. Since 2-inch wheel spacers will stick your wheels out to a large distance, if the spacers push your wheels out too much, there will be some fender clearance problems. Use a straight edge ruler to measure the distance from the inner fender lip and the outside edge of your wheel tires or rims. This distance is the perfect thickness to get the wheels flush with the fender and the maximum amount that wheels will not rub the wheel well. If you are running stock wheels, then you can measure directly. If you get aftermarket wheels, then you need to replace the stock wheels and then measure the wheel gap. If the result is below 2-inch, then change to thinner wheel spacers. However, some people like to make their off-roading machines look muscular and powerful, they will push the wheels out a lot. In this case, 2-inch wheel spacers will fit, to some extent.