No, the bolt pattern of a Lexus spacer is NOT the same as Dodge. For example, the Lexus IS uses a 5×114.3mm bolt pattern while the Dodge Challenger uses a 5x115mm bolt pattern. Even though the lug bolt patterns are very similar, the different center bores might not fit over the wheel hubs. The hub bore on a Lexus IS300 is 60.1mm while the center bore on a Challenger is 71.6mm. In this case, a 5×114.3 to 5×115 wheel adapter is the solution.

Wheel adapters are very useful for converting the bolt patterns, center bores, and changing the offset. Since these Lexus spacer adapters are installed between the hub assembly and wheels, they will make your wheels stick out a certain distance. If your new wheels stick in the fender a lot, then using thicker Lexus 5×114.3 to 5×115 wheel adapters will push the wheels out further to get flush with the fender flares. This also provides a muscular and powerful look.

Is It Safe to Run Lexus Spacers?

In fact, high-end brand Lexus wheel spacers are exactly safe if you install them correctly. Many good brands and reputations out there. Buy genuine brand wheel spacers, there will be no quality issues. Get your spacers installed by a professional. Some people overlook critical installation steps, for example, leaving rust on the rotors, and not rechecking torque initially. This will cause problems. It is always required to use a good torque wrench to safely secure your Lexus wheel spacers.

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With the same price as most spacers, BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus spacers provide more additional advantages, for example, the active cooling design. BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers come with heat dissipation grooves to make brake cooling better. In addition, the side knurling design eliminates internal stress which contributes to more reliable product mechanical properties. The crisscross knurling pattern enlarges the cooling area which is good for the active cooling effect.

What Brands of Lexus Spacers Do I Need?

It is always recommended to use genuine brand Lexus wheel spacers. Because an authentic brand must deliver quality products or services. Customers expect brands to live up to their promises and provide high-quality experiences. This requires that branded products must be of high quality and have a good user experience. Besides, picking a brand helps reduce the clutter, making it easier to find what Lexus wheel spacers you are looking for.

With over 10 years of professional experience, and countless times of actual measuring, drawing updates, size precision upgrades, and installation tests, BONOSS makes the best branded Lexus spacers. Well-made wheel spacers have a better protective coating on them, they are not easily corroded or scratched. That is why BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus wheel spacers will serve longer than those cheap replicas. If you’re hoping that your spacers work well for a long time, a genuine BONOSS set is worth it.

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