No, not all Lexus wheel lock keys are universal. Wheels may be the most difficult item to secure on your car, but you can deter theft with Lexus wheel locks. These are wheel nuts that are keyed to a unique socket. Most cars already come with a set of wheel locks from the factory and are easy to install yourself. But when you swap the OEM wheels, the stock Lexus wheel locks may not fit anymore. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a new set of wheel locks.

Most Lexus lug nuts are hex-shaped. Some locking lug nuts are designed with special spline drive shape heads, which make them hard to steal due to their irregular shapes. Without corresponding key sockets, even a professional thief will spend more time dealing with these wheel nuts. To well protect your finest wheels, a set of locking Lexus lug nuts will be very helpful. It may be a small investment to you, but they do protect your rims from being stolen.

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What Are the Best Lexus Wheel Locks?

To further improve the security, BONOSS provides a forged Titanium wheel nut & lock kit. A BONOSS forged Titanium Lexus wheel lock & nut kit includes 20 pcs Heptagon wheel nuts. Different from the traditional hexagonal lug nuts, the heptagon types are hard to remove if you don’t have the proper removal key. Due to the irregular shape, even though the thieves have standard 7-side socket adapters, it is difficult for them to find the correct one to fit. This means you get 20 wheel locks in a BONOSS heptagon Titanium Lexus lug nuts kit.

Apart from the security, BONOSS heptagon Titanium Lexus lug nuts also make your vehicle look nicer and perform better. In brief words, Titanium lug nuts are light and strong. As the weight savings, you will get a better driving experience. For example, each BONOSS forged Titanium lug nut weighs about 34g, and a set of BONOSS Titanium Lexus lug nuts weigh about 680g. If you would like to get forged performance wheels to save a few pounds of unsprung weight, such BONOSS forged Titanium Lexus wheel locks are the best option.

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