The BMW 5 Series lug bolts are high-strength, threaded steel fasteners. They are threaded into hubs, securely holding the wheels and tires to the axle hub. As long as you torque correctly, high-quality lug bolts can maintain high clamping force even under extreme operating conditions. The REFERENCE torque spec for BMW 5 Series lug bolts is 140 NM / 103 ft-lbs (always inquire with a tire expert before operating). Without properly working wheel bolts, it would be impossible for a wheel to stay on a car.

Genuine BMW 5 Series wheel bolts are made of a wide range of materials from common steel to titanium, and other exotic materials. High-quality steel wheel bolts are significantly stronger and more durable. Another advantage of steel wheel bolts is the price. If you get steel BMW 5 Series wheel bolts installed, the cost will be inexpensive compared to Titanium replacement. For those looking for cheaper but more durable options, steel BMW wheel bolts are the way to go.

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What BMW 5 Series Lug Bolts Are Good?

As a professional wheel accessories manufacturer, BONOSS provides a full line of BMW 5 Series wheel bolts to fit your aftermarket wheels and spacers, lengths from 27mm to 75mm. They are made to the ISO Grade 12.9 standards: tensile strength≥ 1,282 MPa, limited life range test ≥ 2000000 stress cycles without damage, hardness (HV) ≥ 394. Such high-strength hardware can bear more force without breaking. The top-quality material and more safety tests are the reasons why BONOSS forged ISO grade 12.9 wheel bolts tend to be safer.

In addition, the seat parts of BONOSS forged ISO grade 12.9 BMW 5 Series wheel bolts are floating styles. This makes it convenient to change the seat types to fit various wheels. Compared to the integral-seat wheel bolts, they are more flexible. By simply changing the seat washer, you can transform a conical seat into a ball seat. Since the floating seats are not fixed, these BMW 5 Series wheel bolts can effectively prevent your valuable wheels from being scratched by the bolts.

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