The Nissan Leaf lug nuts are standard components that secure the wheels and tires. Many owners who tend to swap their original equipped wheels usually end up replacing the lug nuts to fit the aftermarket wheels. The most common thread sizes of Nissan Leaf lug nuts are M12x1.25mm. Knowing the thread size can narrow down the options. Commonly, there are three seat types of Nissan Leaf lug nuts: conical types, ball types, and flat types. For aftermarket wheels that require conical Nissan Leaf lug nuts, consider a conical set.

Additionally, aftermarket Nissan Leaf lug nuts can add a personalized style and improve the safety of your electric vehicles. When planning to enhance the overall appearance of EVs, the wheels are usually the first place that people look at. By using Nissan Leaf lug nuts of different styles, you can make the rims more noticeable. So, when changing to aftermarket wheels, you can also choose new Nissan Leaf lug nuts to further enhance the visual effect.

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Are Aluminum Nissan Leaf Lug Nuts Any Good?

For your performance upgrades, aluminum Nissan Leaf lug nuts provide more advantages. The aluminum alloy is lightweight with exceptional strength. Each BONOSS aluminum lug nut net weight is about 25g, and a set of BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Nissan Leaf lug nuts weight is about 500g. Reducing unsprung weight is an important advantage for performance. Therefore, these aluminum Nissan Leaf lug nuts are perfect for either daily use or racing events. Additionally, BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Nissan Leaf lug nuts applied advanced hard anodizing coating technology.

The hard anodizing surface treatment brings many beautiful colors to those lug nuts. BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Nissan Leaf lug nuts come in a variety of colors, such as red, black, purple, green, silver, etc. Generally, color-matched Nissan Leaf lug nuts make a bold statement, and the brighter and more vibrant your car color, the more you’ll stand out on the road. By properly hard anodized, the corrosion-resistance ability is greatly enhanced. Genuine BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum alloy Nissan Leaf lug nuts won’t rust even after a long time.

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