For those who like to upgrade the wheel style, a set of new aftermarket wheels and Honda HR-V lug nuts are the best combinations. Aftermarket wheels are designed to improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Since they are designed by different manufacturers, there are many differences from the OEM wheels. Most stock Honda HR-V lug nuts will not work on the aftermarket wheels. Therefore, if you add aftermarket wheels, new aftermarket Honda HR-V lug nuts are a good idea.

The best Honda HR-V lug nuts are always the ones that fit the vehicle and meet your requirements perfectly. The thread size of Honda HR-V lug nuts is M12x1.5mm. Only if the thread pitches match can you install aftermarket wheel nuts safely. But the seat type is determined by the actual wheel lug seat type. Commonly, there are three seat types of wheel nuts: conical types, ball types, and flat types. For aftermarket wheels that require conical Honda HR-V lug nuts, consider this conical set.

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What Aftermarket Honda HR-V Lug Nuts Are Good?

Aftermarket Honda HR-V lug nuts not only add a personalized style but also improve the safety of your vehicle. BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Honda HR-V lug nuts come in a variety of colors, such as red, black, blue, grey, etc. Normally, color matching will essentially improve your design’s visual appeal. Besides, BONOSS aluminum Honda HR-V lug nuts apply an excellent hard anodizing process. This means anodizing aluminum lug nuts are not easy to corrode or oxidate which makes them safely work for long-term use.

Aluminum Honda HR-V lug nuts are made to improve appearance as well as boost performance. Each BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum lug nut net weight is about 25g, and a set of BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Honda HR-V lug nuts weight is about 500g. A lighter spring weight can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle loss, and effectively improve driving performance. Unlike most wheel nuts people find in the market, BONOSS forged Honda HR-V lug nuts are exceptionally strong, making them very durable. Such BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Honda HR-V lug nuts surely give you a better driving experience.

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