There are various bolt patterns of Ford Mustang spacers. The most common lug patterns are 5×114.3mm (like the 1994-2024 Mustang S650/ S550), 4×114.3mm (like 1964-1973 Mustang), and 4x108mm (like 1974-1993 Mustang). Vehicle-specific Mustang spacers can indeed fit perfectly and work safely. As long as you use high-quality Mustang wheel spacers and install them correctly, there won’t be any problems. Genuine brand Ford Mustang spacers are the best option.

Brand manufacturers have a high-quality control standard on the wheel spacers. To meet and exceed these standards, they invest a large amount of time in research design and safety testing. The resulting Ford Mustang wheel spacers will be subject to all classic performance tests such as tensile strength, yield strength, proof load, hardness, neutral salt spray, and so on. The professional design, actual fitment tests, and ISO standard certifications make genuine brand Ford Mustang spacers safe and reliable.

Will Ford Mustang Wheel Spacers Affect Car Driving?

Installing Ford Mustang wheel spacers is a good way to improve the driving experience. By increasing the track width, the contact points of tires are expanded, which results in more stability and smoothness. In addition, widening the track gives your sports car a perfect flush stance. With a Ford Mustang spacer kit, you can add more inner wheel clearance. This is effective in preventing bigger rims or wider tires from rubbing against fenders, shock absorbers, and other suspension parts.

What Lug Pattern is Ford Mustang Spacer BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric 5x114.3 Aluminum Alloy Rim Spacers CHZ

In order to further optimize the hub-centric connection, BONOSS forged active cooling Mustang wheel spacers are designed with better multi-stage hub-centric lips. They are designed to fit the actual vehicle hub shapes. The hub-centric metal ring is machined to be multi-layers, and the bevels fit the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. Such BONOSS forged active cooling hub-centric Mustang wheel spacers will not change the original wheel fastening method. The wheels are well-balanced so that there will be less chance of vibrations.

Can Ford Mustang Spacers Fail?

Reputable brand Ford Mustang wheel spacers won’t fail easily. They undergo thoroughly a series of performance tests to ensure they can handle our scrutinous standards before leaving the factory. BONOSS forged active cooling aluminum Ford Mustang wheel spacers undergo continuous tons of pressure to form. Due to continuous tons of pressure, the internal structure is more compact. So long as you operate a correct installation, these BONOSS forged active cooling Ford Mustang spacers will never crack.

Over 10 years, BONOSS spends much time, money, and resources to optimize the spacer design. To ensure a strong wheel-spacer-hub connection, BONOSS forged active cooling Ford Mustang wheel spacers provide ISO 12.9 wheel studs as well as ISO grade 10 lug nuts. All BONOSS wheel spacer complete packages are supplied with all necessary hardware. In addition, BONOSS forged active cooling Ford Mustang wheel spacers come with a 10-year warranty, which gives customers peace of mind. Take a look now!

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