Numerous successful cases have proved that quality Mercedes-Benz G-Class wheel spacers are exactly safe for highway driving or even off-roading. Car spacers are mechanical components that push the wheels away from the original vehicle hub. The vehicle’s wheels are fastened to the corresponding wheel hub by a clamping force achieved by tightening the wheel nuts of each wheel. In this case, hub-centric wheel spacers are safer.

Brand manufacturers have a high-quality control standard for wheel spacers. To meet and exceed these standards, they invest a large amount of time in research design and safety testing. The resulting Mercedes-Benz G-Class wheel spacers will be subject to all classic performance tests such as tensile strength, yield strength, proof load, hardness, neutral salt spray, and so on. Therefore, genuine brand Mercedes-Benz G-Class wheel spacers are safer and more reliable.

What Mercedes-Benz G-Class Wheel Spacers Do I Need?

When it comes to big brake kits, Mercedes-Benz G-Class wheel spacers are very useful. Aftermarket brakes are going to require more space between the wheels and the hub assembly. With spacers, you can add more inner wheel clearance to accommodate bigger brake calipers. Particularly, BONOSS forged lightweight plus Mercedes-Benz G-Class wheel spacers are hollowed for an extra lightweight advantage.

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The hollowed hole is a proven design that is effectively reducing weight. The average weight of each BONOSS forged lightweight plus Mercedes-Benz G-Class spacer is more than 20% lighter than the previous-gen product. Adding such a small lightweight component wouldn’t noticeably reduce fuel consumption. Such BONOSS forged lightweight plus aluminum alloy wheel spacers surely don’t affect the acceleration significantly.

Why Forged Mercedes-Benz G-Class Wheel Spacers Are Better?

Typically, forged Mercedes-Benz G-Class wheel spacers are often more durable. They are significantly stronger and tougher than casting aftermarket spacers. All BONOSS forged lightweight plus Mercedes-Benz G-Class wheel spacers are forged with top-quality 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. In the forging process, tons of continuous stress makes the internal structure more compact, adding strength to combat everyday wear and tear.

The tensile strength is up to 572 MPa, and the yield strength is up to 503 MPa (AL7075-T6). Simply put, when facing bump and impact loads, higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking. Besides, the BONOSS Mercedes-Benz spacer complete packages are supplied with SGS and TÜV authoritative certification reports. With our spacer delivery system, we now can offer all cars the perfect wheel spacers without any quality compromise.

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