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The Mercedes S Class is a series of full-size luxury sedans, limousines, and armored sedans produced by the German automaker. The S-Class is the sign of top-class Mercedes-Benz models and was officially introduced to the first generation W116 in 1972. Now, the time has come to 2022, and S-class has been updated to the latest W223. For the always pursuing the top-level driving of S Class owners, BONOSS has installed and tested the three generations of Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers, W221 (2006-2013), W222 (2014-2020), and W223 (2020-S550 on 22s).

Now we can responsibly answer the question Are Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers Safe For Daily Driving, that is Mercedes S class wheel spacers is not only very safe for daily driving, but they can also even make your vehicle safer than before. (Below are videos of our BONOSS live modification)

What Are The Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers?

Before we dive into the Mercedes S Class wheel spacer safety discussion, let’s get a little more familiar with this auto part.

To make the story short, the Mercedes S Class wheel spacers are components that put on the vehicle’s axle rotors, so the wheel can sit farther out from the chassis. With this additional clearance by spacers, they can make your rubbing problems like the wheels against the wheel well liners, brake calipers, or some suspension components. If you change a set of large rims like the 22 inch rims for Mercedes S550, the spacers can help you to correct some space under the fender.

And with the right thickness of wheel spacers, your Mercedes S Class’s appearance will be improved significantly and can achieve some specific stance style you like.

How Do Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers Work?

The Mercedes S Class wheel spacers sit between the axle rotor and wheel hub, which pushes the wheel further out. You can choose to install wheel spacers on the front or rear wheels or both according to your Mercedes-Benz S model and the type of Mercedes S Class rim used. Generally, you’re aiming for a better running stance and you’ll use specific Mercedes S Class wheel spacers to get the perfect stock wheel or aftermarket wheel fitment.

Are Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers Safe for Daily Driving?

Since Mercedes S Class wheel spacers can provide car owners with a lot of benefits, whether they are safe for daily driving has become a very important consideration. We BONOSS can say responsibly that when you choose high-quality wheel spacers, match your specific model data and install them in the correct approach, they will not only be safe, but will also make your car better and safer.

After installing Mercedes S Class wheel spacers, you will have a wider wheel-track. This means you can get a positive scrub radius passing corners, that can make your MB feel faster and more stable. Maybe this isn’t a significant enhancement for low-speed and daily driving on the city road, but the benefits are still there. You’ll really feel the difference in the racing game or the mountain road.

Different Types Of Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers In The Auto Market

There are many different types of Mercedes wheel spacers in the auto parts market. They basically have the same improving function for vehicles—they are classified due to their different connection methods with the axle rotor, wheel hub, and wheel bolt.

The Two Types Of Connection With The Axle Rotor And Wheel Hub:

  1. Hub-centric wheel spacers
  2. Lug-centric (floating) wheel spacers

The Two Types Of Connection With The Wheel Bolt:

  1. Bolt-on wheel spacers
  2. Slip-on wheel spacers

What Are Bolt-on Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers?

Basically, bolt-on spacer means that the wheel spacers are meshing up and bolting directly to the hub itself. This bolt-on design bolts up tightly against the axle rotor, and your wheels then bolt on the spacers bolt seats. You’ll generally use them for adjustment of 15mm or more.

This kind of design has several pros that you cannot worry about the wheel bolts of your original Mercedes are not long enough. The shopping for extension wheel bolts you can skip. What’s more, bolt-on wheel spacers provide a much firmer fitment than the slip-on design.

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What Are Slip-on Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers?

If you like the straightforward kind of wheel spacers to install, the slip-on design of wheel spacers is your best choice. You just need to simply put them on the axle rotor, and then reinstall the wheels, and you complete all the installation steps.

The slip-on wheel spacers just slip over the wheel bolts, like the screw washer you know. But you need to buy another set of extension wheel bolts to match it that is different from the bolt-on wheel spacers.

To the European vehicle which almost uses the wheel bolts to fasten rims, our BONOSS recommend using the extension rod while installing slip-on spacers. this small mod part can make you a lot more convenient.

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How Safe Are Mercedes S Class Wheel Spacers?

While the Mercedes S Class wheel spacers’ design and application are definitely safe. But if you do not choose the correct matching data and correctly install them, this will pose a catastrophic threat to your daily driving safety.

Wheel spacer safe is a very important and hot topic. We don’t want you to give up the benefits you should have enjoyed because of unfounded criticism of wheel spacers in some auto forums. And we don’t want you to encounter any security problems because you don’t know some key points about wheel spacers.

You need to know what model of Mercedes S Class you have, and what is the specific data at the wheel assembly. BONOSS has actually measured and installed the three recent chassis. Exactly, the W221, W222 and W223 have the same data, the PCD is 5×112, the Center Bore is 66.6mm, the type of wheel fasteners is wheel bolts and the thread size is M14x1.5.

So if your Mercedes S Class is among W221, W222, W223, you should choose the corresponding data when purchasing wheel spacers. When you choose our BONOSS’s BLA version of spacers (for the wheel bolt fasten type vehicle), you need to find the BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric PCD 5×112 Wheel spacers For Mercedes-Benz W221/W222/W223 AL6061-T6/AL7075-T6.

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