Nowadays, the 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts are becoming more and more important. If you’ve ever replaced the wheels, you will find that the new 2023 Toyota Crown S230 uses wheel bolts instead of lug nuts to secure the wheels. For those who would like to add aftermarket wheels on the 16th-gen 2023 Toyota Crown, this can be a problem. Because the previous-generation Toyota Crown use flat seat lug nuts and now the new 2023 Toyota Crown uses ball seat wheel bolts.

Only the seat types match can your wheels be properly mounted. Therefore, if you get aftermarket wheels, you are likely to change the OEM 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts. The seating type refers to the part of the bolt that makes contact with the wheel lug seat. The conical seat is a beveled 60-degree angled tapered. The ball seat is inverted bowl-shaped. And the flat seat is completely flat in shape. Besides, the length of the 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts is also vital.

Why You Need 2023 Toyota Crown Wheel Bolts BONOSS Forged ISO Grade 12.9 Strong Aftermarket Lug Bolts CHZ

What 2023 Toyota Crown Wheel Bolts Are Good?

As a professional wheel accessories manufacturer, BONOSS provides a full line of 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts to fit your aftermarket wheels and spacers, lengths from 27mm to 75mm. They are made to the ISO Grade 12.9 standards: the tensile strength is over 1,282 Mpa. It makes sense that stronger 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts are safer, because the higher strength the bolt is, the more force it can withstand more force before breaking.

In addition, the seat parts of BONOSS forged ISO grade 12.9 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts are floating styles. This makes it convenient to change the seat types to fit various wheels. Compared to the integral-seat 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts, they are more flexible. By simply changing the seat washer, you can transform a ball seat into a conical seat. Since the floating seats are not fixed, these 2023 Toyota Crown wheel bolts can effectively prevent your valuable wheels from being scratched by the bolts.

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