Technically speaking, the E60 25mm wheel spacers are approximately -25mm offsets. This is because wheel spacers essentially reduce the distance from the wheel center to the hub assembly, they subtract the offset. Giving an example, if you get a +45mm offset rim, then E60 25mm wheel spacers change the offset to +20mm (45mm – 25mm = 20mm). People care about giving their vehicles the right stance. The lower the offset, the more your wheel will sit further away from the suspension, which is a tough and aggressive look for some drivers.

Besides wanting a better appearance, people want their cars to perform better too. If you add E60 25mm wheel spacers, then the track width will increase by about 2 inches. For many sports cars, this means more stability and grip which is good for cornering. Reducing 1-inch wheel offset also means increasing about 25mm inner wheel clearance. These E60 25mm wheel spacers are helpful in clearing big brake clearance issues. Larger brakes are safely installed, which improves the performance even more.

Will E60 25mm Wheel Spacers Be the Best Option?

Depending on how you drive your vehicle or want to drive it rather, E60 25mm wheel spacers may be a perfect selection. If you get aftermarket or second-hand wheels, always measure the offset first. When your wheel mounting surface is closer to the outside or roadside of the vehicle, this is a positive offset. Too much positive offset would pull the wheels in closer to the vehicle. With the help of E60 25mm wheel spacers, you won’t necessarily have to get a set of new wheels with the right offset. This could save much budget as well as time for you.

What Is the Offset for E60 25mm Wheel Spacers BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Spacers Before and After CHZ (1)

What Is the Offset for E60 25mm Wheel Spacers BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Spacers Before and After CHZ (2)

Aside from the base functions of tire spacers, BONOSS E60 25mm wheel spacers are finished with a textured surface on the sides. The knurling surfaces can enhance the aesthetics by introducing an attractive pattern to their surface. In addition, the side knurling design eliminates internal stress which contributes to more reliable product mechanical properties. The crisscross knurling pattern enlarges the cooling area which is good for the active cooling effect. BONOSS forged active cooling E60 25mm wheel spacers are set to boost the whole user experience.

Are BONOSS E60 25mm Wheel Spacers Hard to Remove?

When upgrading to a new brake kit or changing to different BMW E60 25mm wheel spacers, you have to remove the old spacers. Removing wheel spacers should not be hard, but a spacer can get stuck due to rust accumulation. So, it is important to use rustproof spacers. When aluminum is exposed to water it creates a film of aluminum oxide over the metal that protects the metal beneath it from corrosion. So, aluminum BMW E60 25mm wheel spacers are better resistant to rust and corrosion.

What’s better, to make the removal process easier, BONOSS BMW E60 25mm wheel spacers come with disassembly grooves. There are some small notches that are distributed on the corner of BMW E60 25mm wheel spacers. When the spacer fits on the brake rotor, each notch will leave a limited clearance between the rotor and the spacer. It is proved to be a useful design, which improves the disassembly efficiency greatly. Take a look at these BONOSS BMW E60 25mm wheel spacers now!

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