You may have thought about adding wheel spacers to your Range Rover Evoque. Wheel spacers are parts that go between the wheel hub and the wheel, creating a gap and pushing the wheels further out. They are usually installed for cosmetic or performance purposes, but are they safe to use? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of wheel spacers for your Evoque, as well as some legal aspects you need to know.

Pros and cons of Range Rover Evoque Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers can offer some benefits for your Evoque.

Better handling:

By increasing the track width, wheel spacers can make your vehicle more stable and grippy, especially when turning or driving on rough terrain.

Bigger wheels or tires:

Wheel spacers can enable you to fit bigger or wider wheels or tires on your Evoque, which can improve the traction, braking, and look of your vehicle. They can also solve rubbing or clearance problems with the wheel arches or fender flares.

Bigger brake calipers:

Wheel spacers can provide more space for installing bigger or performance brake calipers, which can improve the braking power and response of your vehicle.

Distinctive look:

Wheel spacers can give your Evoque a more aggressive and sporty look, by making the wheels align with the fender line or stick out beyond it.

However, wheel spacers also have some drawbacks.

Worse ride quality:

Cheap and unfit wheel spacers can affect the ride comfort and smoothness of your vehicle. They can also increase the road noise and vibration felt in the cabin.

Range rover Evoque wheel spacers: are they safe to run?

Are Range Rover Evoque wheel spacers legal?

Before installing wheel spacers on your Evoque, you should also check the legal regulations in your area. Different countries or states may have different rules or limits on how much you can change your vehicle’s track width or wheel offset. For example, in some places, you may need to get a certification or inspection from an authorized engineer or mechanic to ensure that your wheel spacers are safe and compliant. In other places, you may need to inform your insurance company or register your vehicle modification with the authorities. Failing to do so may result in fines, penalties, or invalidation of your warranty or insurance.

Therefore, it is advisable to do some research and consult a professional before installing wheel spacers on your Evoque. You should also choose high-quality and reputable brands of wheel spacers that are compatible with your vehicle’s specifications and requirements. You should also follow the proper installation and maintenance procedures to ensure that your wheel spacers are securely attached and torqued.

Range rover Evoque wheel spacers: are they safe to run?

Which Range Rover Evoque wheel spacers do you need?

If you are looking for wheel spacers that offer quality, fitment, and price, you should consider BONOSS Range Rover Evoque wheel spacers. BONOSS has been a trusted and experienced wheel spacer brand for over 10 years, producing and selling quality wheel spacers and wheel bolts.

BONOSS spacers are one-piece 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 aluminum alloy wheel spacers that are lightweight and anodized. The matching wheel bolts and nuts have ISO grades of 12.9 and 10 respectively. To choose wheel spacers that are safe and durable, you should always check the grade first. Generally, 6061-T6 wheel spacers and 10.9 wheel bolts meet the standard and can ensure safety. Some car models require extended wheel studs. The longer the studs are, the more likely they are to bend. Therefore, grade 12.9 studs are more secure and reliable.

BONOSS insists on independent real-car measurements and tests. The PCD and CD provided online or in the manual are not precise enough for wheel spacers manufacture. This is why some brands made spacers that cannot fit the hub bore tightly and even cause vibrations. BONOSS multi-stage hu-centric wheel spacers can fit every detail of the wheel assembly based on accurate measurements and CNC machines.

As quality and high-accuracy wheel spacers, BONOSS Range Rover Evoque wheel spacers are the most cost-effective option. Some veterans charge over 80$ for a pair of slip-on wheel spacers and over 150$ for a pair of bolt-on wheel spacers. But BONOSS spacers are over 50$ and 100$ a pair with the same quality that has been fully verified by ISO, SGS, and TUV.