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Different sizes refer to the different thicknesses of wheel spacers, different thicknesses of wheel spacers can be used under the same data, the data of Mercedes-Benz G550 is PCD: 5×130, CB: 84.1, 20mm and 25mm wheel spacers are installed in the video respectively. In the video, 20mm wheel spacers are slip-on wheel spacers, and 25mm wheel spacers are bolt-on wheel spacers, the difference between the two will be explained in detail below. The Mercedes-Benz G550 can install different thickness wheel spacers on the front and rear wheels, but it is not recommended to install different thickness wheel spacers on the left and right wheels.

What Are Bolt-on Wheel Spacers and Slip-on Wheel Spacers?

Take Mercedes-Benz G550 as an example, the BLA series is used. Bolt-on wheel spacers mean that the wheel spacers have their own bolt holes and bolts on the disc body, the wheel spacers are connected to the hub assembly by bolts, and the wheel spacers are fixed to provide their own bolt holes as support points for mounting the hub, so it is not necessary to purchase a new set of extended lug bolts to use bolt-on wheel spacers. The advantages of bolt-on wheel spacers are obvious, as you can choose to install thicker wheel spacers and save the cost of a new set of extended lug bolts.

The slip-on wheel spacers allow the wheel spacers to slide on the hub, the wheel spacers hub centric is mounted against the center ring and the wheel spacers can be rotated, but obviously, the slip-on wheel spacers are generally only used for bolt-on models rather than lug nuts. BONOSS offers 3mm-20mm slip-on wheel spacers, which have the advantage of being lighter in weight and more friendly to underspring weight.

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How to Choose the Right Thickness of Wheel Spacers?

You can make your own measurements and choose according to the purpose of the wheel spacers after they are installed. When measuring, use a straightedge to measure the distance from the edge of the fender to the outer edge of the wheel to get an approximate figure of wheel clearance, and choose the right wheel spacers according to this figure. Of course, this is the measurement method to get a flush fender, and most customers choose flush fender wheel spacers thickness. However, there are also some customers who install wheel spacers for off-road use, which may choose wheel spacers up to 30mm-50mm even more, with the purpose of pushing the wheels outward as much as possible to get a wider track to enhance the vehicle’s passability. The third situation is due to the modification of larger high-performance caliper brakes, resulting in the lack of space to install wheel spacers, which may need to buy 5mm-10mm wheel spacers so that the wheel can avoid friction with the caliper.

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