If you’ve purchased a set of wheel spacers, you’ll possibly need extended wheel bolts to ensure a full thread engagement. It is easy to figure out the proper length (stock bolt length + spacer thickness = extended bolt length). Since aftermarket extended wheel bolts come in various seat types, it is critical that the wheel bolts seat and the wheel lug seat match. Mismatching the seat types could potentially cause the bolt to loosen and the wheel to become insecure to the vehicle.

Simply, for OEM wheels, just keep the same seat types. For aftermarket wheels, the seat types can be different. By asking the wheel dealers, you can easily figure out what seat type do your wheels require. If you get second-hand wheels, this way may not work. At this time, you can check the wheel lug holes. The conical seat set has a beveled 60 degree angled tapered head, ball seat ones have a rounded or spherical shape, while the flat seats are is completely flat.

What Extended Wheel Bolts Do You Need for 10mm Spacers BONOSS Shell Type Wheel Bolts

What Are BONOSS Shell-Type Extended Wheel Bolts?

Quality extended wheel bolts can add safety as well as maximize the appearance of your wheels. BONOSS forged grade 12.9 shell-type wheel lock & bolts consist of core wheel bolts and aluminum shells. The grade 12.9 means the minimum tensile strength of the wheel bolts is 1,220 MPa. And most originally equipped wheel bolts are grade 10.9 (about 1,040 MPa). The stronger the bolt is, the more force it can withstand more force before breaking. Changing to higher grade wheel bolts improves safety.

The shells are made of 7075-T6 aluminum, which is high in strength and light in weight. They cover the exposed part of the wheel bolts, which effectively prevents the debris and water from accessing the bolts. In addition, these aluminum bolt shells are able to be anodized in a variety of colors, such as red, black, blue, grey, etc. Simply put, color matching will essentially improve your design’s visual appeal. Applying wheel bolts of correct colors would make your wheels look fashionable and beautiful.

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Are Locking Extended Wheel Bolts Worth It?

When installing wheel spacers, it is a good chance to replace the wheel bolts. A set of locking extended wheel bolts helps to protect your valuable wheels from thieves accessing. Many aftermarket locking extended wheel bolt kits provide 16 standard wheel bolts and 4 spline-drive wheel bolts that require a special tool. The spline-drive bolts are designed with many narrow grooves on the head and even down the sides. A special key socket can fit over the grooves and make it easy to install/remove. All the splines aren’t the same pattern. Without corresponding key sockets, even a professional thief will spend more time dealing with these bolts. These locking extended wheel bolts give you peace of mind if you worry about tire theft.

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