No, the F150 and Silverado spacers are NOT the same lug pattern. For example, the Ford F150 uses a 6x135mm bolt pattern while the Chevy Silverado uses a 6×139.7mm bolt pattern. If you would like to improve the off-roading performance, installing truck wheel spacers is a good idea. If you add a 1.5-inch spacer on each tire, then the track width will increase by about 3 inches. This is a big improvement for your ride. For example, the wheels sit further away which provides better stability and rollover resistance. This also allows you to install bigger tires and larger brakes safely and nicely.

Adding wheel spacers won’t mess up alignment as all the suspension components will still retain their basic geometric relationships with each other. So, you don’t need an alignment if you just install spacers. Consider wheel spacers acting as the extension of the hub assembly, if properly set, they even do not affect tire wear, camber, toe, and caster. Hub-centric Silverado spacers can create a firm and stable wheel connection. They keep the wheels properly secured and balanced.

Can I Use Silverado Spacers Off-roading?

Quality Silverado wheel spacers are exactly safe for off-roading adventures. Make sure you install them properly. The installation process is simple and most knowledgeable customers can install them without problems. The REFERENCE torque spec for the wheel spacers on a Chevy Silverado will be 140-190Nm. Tightening each lug nut to the correct foot-pounds of force with a torque wrench is critical. Tighten the lug nuts a quarter turn at a time following the crisscross sequence (in a “star” pattern). This ensures that each nut is forced evenly.

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To ensure a firm wheel connection, BONOSS forged active cooling Silverado spacers provide ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs (most stock vehicle studs are grade 10.9) and ISO grade 10 lug nuts. These SGS TÜV-certified wheel studs are completely safe to use. The results of those performance tests are great: tensile strength ≥ 1,220 MPa; ultimate tensile load ≥ 152,000 N; proof load ≥ 121,000 N. BONOSS forged active cooling Silverado wheel spacers are strong and durable, enough to deal with daily driving, even off-roading events, and other scenes.

Do Silverado Spacers Come in Pairs?

Most dealers sell Silverado wheel spacers in pairs. This is because the same two spacers keep the wheels looking equally spaced in the wheel wells. When you are changing the size of the wheels, the overall diameter of the tire and wheel assembly must remain the same to keep the proper settings. Therefore, if one front wheel needs a spacer, it would make sense that the other front wheel on the opposite side would also need it (assuming the rims and tires are the same).

Always stick to reputable brand wheel spacers, there will be no problems. To keep lug nuts fully in contact with the wheel spacers, BONOSS forged active cooling Silverado spacers come with full-cone lug seats. This provides additional security and durability when properly used in comparison to part-cone seat spacers. Their large contact areas with the spacers allow for them to be fastened more efficiently and stalely. If you are looking for an extra layer of safety while mounting your wheels, these BONOSS forged active cooling Silverado wheel spacers are worth considering!

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BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Hubcentric PCD6x139.7 M14x1.5 Wheel Adapters (12)
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