BONOSS Forged 2022 Tesla Model S Wheel Nuts Safe Aftermarket Lug Nuts

The 2022 Tesla Model S wheel nuts are hardware used to lock and center your wheels to your vehicle. Getting the correct lug nuts installed ensures that your wheel is safely and securely fastened. Only properly torqued will these 2022 Tesla Model S lug nuts will ‘stretch’ a certain amount to create a firm mechanical connection with the wheel studs. Mismatching the seat type will make it very tricky to center the wheel because of the incorrect contact surfaces.

While the 2022 Tesla Model S lug nuts vary in seat types, one of the most important differences in lug nut type is in the size and thread pitch. It’s crucial that the lug nut thread and the wheel stud match. If they don’t, it’s impossible that the lug nuts safely secure your wheel and tires to your vehicle. They may be small components, but they offer a really big advantage.

What Size of 2022 Tesla Model S Wheel Nuts Do I Need?

To ensure a reliable installation, it’s critical that the size of your 2022 Tesla Model S wheel nuts matches the vehicle stud. If your lug nuts don’t match your wheel stud, they won’t work on your ride. Check the vehicle manual and find out the lug size before buying a set of 2022 Tesla Model S wheel nuts. You can also search Google. The lug size of metric studs is given in two numbers: one is the diameter of the stud and the other is the thread pitch. The thread pitch is the distance in millimeters between each thread. For instance, the stud diameter is 14mm and the thread is 1.5mm, then the lug size will be M14x1.5. On standard wheel nuts, the thread pitch is the number of threads per inch. For example, if the thread is 1.27mm and there are 20 threads per inch, then the lug size will be 1/2″ – 20 UNF.

How Do I Know What Size 2022 Tesla Model S Wheel Nuts I Need

What Size Socket Do I Need for 2022 Tesla Model S Wheel Nuts?

The most common 2022 Tesla Model S wheel nuts you could find on the market are hex wheel nuts. It features a hex-shaped head, which is designed for fitting a range of regular sockets. Another type features spline grooves along the length of the nut and requires a special tool for installation/removal. These 2022 Tesla Model S wheel nuts are mainly found on aftermarket wheel applications and for added security. Another important consideration is wheel nut thread engagement. As a rule of thumb, the engagement must equal the thread diameter, so M14x1.5 needs 14mm of engagement, M12x1.25 needs 12mm of engagement… If 1 turn of the nut equals 1.5mm, then for the M14x1.5 studs we need a minimum of 9.5 turns. Use a torque wrench with the manufacturer’s torque specifications to fasten these 2022 Tesla Model S wheel nuts in a star-shaped pattern. Then you are good to go.