In the market, the thickness of 2024 BMW 5 Series wheel spacers is from 3mm up to 50mm. The recommended BMW spacer size depends on your wheel gap. For an OEM wheel setup, 12–15mm wheel spacers provide a perfect flush stance for your 2024 BMW 5 Series G60/G61 530i Models/ 540ixDrive. Technically speaking, wheel spacers essentially reduce the distance from the wheel center to the hub assembly, they subtract the offset. Lower wheel offset provides a more aggressive and sportier look.

If you’re buying rim spacers for the BMW 5 Series, it’s important to check that they have the right size of axle hole and bolt pattern for your vehicle. The bolt pattern of a 2024 BMW 5 Series G60/G61 is 5x112mm. Only if the bolt pattern matches can you install BMW spacers safely. You can easily check the vehicle bolt pattern in your owner’s manual or search by model and year on Google. When adding slip-on BMW spacers, you need special care of the bolt thread engagement.

Will 2024 BMW 5 Series Wheel Spacers Affect Acceleration?

Lightweight aluminum 2024 BMW 5 Series wheel spacers won’t significantly affect the acceleration. Rather than steel spacers, people prefer aluminum alloy rim spacers. This is of no surprise since aluminum wheel spacers are much lighter than steel alternatives in some factors. Lighter-weight aluminum alloy allows them to operate well at a higher performance in most conditions. In other words, if you just add lightweight aluminum BMW 5 Series wheel spacers, there should be no difference before and after.

What Size 2024 BMW 5 Series Wheel Spacers Are Best BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus G60 Spacers CHZ

If would like to go below 20mm BMW spacers, then we recommend BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers. These spacers are slip-on types. While ensuring safety and performance, BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW spacers are cut with many hollow holes. Due to these hollow holes, the average weight of each spacer is more than 30% lighter than the previous-gen product. Adding such a small lightweight component wouldn’t noticeably slow a car down. In other words, these BONOSS forged lightweight plus 2024 BMW 5 Series wheel spacers will not affect the acceleration or mpg significantly.

Will the 2024 BMW 5 Series Wheel Spacers Rust?

Quality 2024 BMW 5 Series wheel spacers won’t rust so easily. Aluminum spacers are a popular choice for automobiles because they resist corrosion. When aluminum is exposed to water it creates a film of aluminum oxide over the metal that protects the metal beneath it from corrosion. To protect BMW 5 Series wheel spacers from corrosion-related failure, manufacturing companies often treat their spacers during production.

BONOSS forged lightweight plus aluminum 2024 BMW 5 Series wheel spacers are hard-anodizing to resist corrosion so that they can work well for a long time without any problems. A proper hard anodizing coating ensures complete protection against corrosion. The oxide layer that follows the anodizing process offers excellent protection. The black dye not only brings a premium appearance but also tends to be lightfast. This means that the coatings will not fade easily. BONOSS forged lightweight plus 2024 BMW 5 Series wheel spacers will serve you in the long run.

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