So you’re looking to get some new wheels for your Honda Civic but aren’t sure what size wheel spacers you need. Finding the right wheel spacers can make a big difference in how your new rims fit and look on your Civic. In this post, we’ll take a look at what size wheel spacers tend to work best for the Honda Civic and some things to keep in mind when choosing wheel spacers.

What size Honda Civic wheel spacers are OK?

For most Honda Civics, wheel spacers in the 15-25mm (0.6-1.0 inch) range are considered safe and effective. Here are some common sizes that work well.

15mm (0.6 inch) – This is the smallest size wheel spacer you would want to go with. It gives a slight increase in track width for a bit more aggressive stance.

20mm (0.8 inch) – This size is popular for Civics and provides a noticeable change in offset and look. It’s still considered safe for most setups.

25mm (1 inch) – This is the largest you would want to go for a street-driven Civic before you start running into clearance issues when turning. It gives a very flush, aggressive fitment.

Anything smaller than 15mm won’t make much visual difference, while anything over 25mm starts to put extra stress on components and risks rubbing issues. Stick within 15-25mm for best results.

Are 1/2 inch wheel spacers safe for Honda Civic?

Yes, 1/2 inch (about 12-13mm) wheel spacers are generally safe to use on a Honda Civic. This size still gives a small increase in track width and allows for a bit more wiggle room in finding the right offset.

With 1/2 inch spacers you are less likely to run into any clearance or rubbing issues that you might see with larger spacers. They put less stress on wheel bearings and suspension components compared to more aggressive sizes.

Just keep in mind proper installation and using high quality hub-centric spacers designed specifically for your Civic’s bolt pattern. Low quality spacers can cause vibration, wheel wobble, and safety issues. As long as you get properly engineered spacers, 1/2 inch is a conservative size that enhances the look without compromising performance.

What size Honda Civic wheel spacers do I need?

Which Honda Civic wheel spacers are best?

There are a few reasons BONOSS Honda Civic wheel spacers stand out as a top choice for the Honda Civic.

Precise Fitment – BONOSS Honda Civic wheel spacers are CAD designed and CNC machined to match the Honda Civic’s hub bore and bolt pattern exactly. This ensures perfect centering and no vibration.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum – Constructed from 7075T6 aircraft aluminum, BONOSS Honda Civic wheel spacers provide exceptional strength at a light weight.

Active cooling design – Petal grooves on the surface of the spacers aid in cooling the wheels and brakes and reducing thermal decay.

Anodized Coating – An anodized coating protects the spacers from corrosion and everyday use while giving a sleek black finish.

Hub-Centric Design – The hub-centric inner lip eliminates wheel wobble and runout compared to cheaper spline drive spacers.

Peace of Mind – All BONOSS spacers come with a 10-year warranty. Their quality and engineering gives peace of mind.

For anyone looking to get that perfect fitment and stance on their Honda Civic, BONOSS Honda Civic wheel spacers check all the boxes. Their quality manufacturing, materials, and precise design make them the top choice spacer for Civics.

Getting properly sized 15-25mm wheel spacers for your Honda Civic allows you to run wider wheels and tires for an aggressive flush fitment. Just be sure to get hub-centric, high quality spacers specifically engineered for your Civic’s specs. Brands like BONOSS use robust materials and design to enhance the look and performance of your Civic safely. With the right spacers installed properly, you can achieve that perfect stance and transform the look of your Civic.