Mostly, a 2025 Lexus IS300/ IS350/ IS500 uses M14x1.5mm thread size, 27mm length, and ball seat type lug bolts. After installing wheel spacers, a set of new longer lug bolts is necessary. Because the wheel and tire assembly must be held evenly and securely to the wheel hub by the wheel bolts. Assuming you have added a 15mm spacer between the wheel and hub assembly, the OEM wheel bolts can’t provide enough thread for safely securing both the spacers and wheels.

If the Lexus IS lug bolts are not tightened securely, it can cause the wheel to vibrate, loosen, and wobble. The general rule of thumb is that the thread length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the bolt itself. Giving an example, an M14 wheel bolt would need at least 14mm threads to ensure a safe engagement. As a guideline claims, you need at least 7 turns (preferably 8 turns) from start to torque. So, make sure you have the proper number of turns after adding Lexus IS wheel spacers.

What Size Lug Bolts Does a 2025 Lexus IS Use BONOSS Forged ISO Grade 12.9 Performance Lug Bolts CHZ

What Types of Lug Bolts Do I Need for 2025 Lexus IS?

BONOSS provides the best aftermarket lug bolts for your wheel upgrades. These BONOSS forged ISO grade 12.9 wheel bolts are made of forged SCM440 steel alloy. Due to continuous tons of pressure, the internal structure is more compact, adding strength and eliminating any porosity. They have fully SGS, TÜV ISO Grade 12.9 certified, tensile strength≥1,282 MPa, limited life range test≥2,000,000 stress cycles without damage, ultimate tensile load≥152,000N, hardness (HV)≥395. By far, these tire bolts are the strongest wheel bolts that we have covered in the automotive world.

Besides, these 2025 Lexus IS extended wheel bolts are designed with floating seats. The floating seats are replaceable which allows for a perfect fit on any wheel. They are mainly available in two options depending on lug bolt size: conical seat and ball seat (R13 or R14). Besides, the separate design eliminates the bolts loosening and the abnormal sound caused by the PCD hole coaxially deviation between the vehicle hub and wheels while driving. Since the floating seats are not fixed, they can effectively prevent your beautiful wheels from being scratched by the 2025 Lexus IS lug bolts.

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