The most common sizes of Dodge lug nuts are M14x1.5mm/M12x1.5mm thread pitch, 13/16″ hex, and standard size 60-degree conical seat. Aftermarket Dodge wheel nuts are various in styles, seat types, and materials. Many customers who intend to change wheels usually end up replacing the OE lug nuts with aftermarket lug nuts. Actually, replacing lug nuts is one of the easiest and quickest ways for wheel enhancement.

By installing new-style aftermarket lug nuts, you can make the vehicle look good, personalized, and different. Besides, lighter Dodge lug nuts reduce the unsprung weight which makes the vehicle faster and decreases fuel consumption. The locking lug nuts are designed to protect the wheels from being stolen. They add superior security to your finest wheels. If you plan to get new aftermarket wheels, it’s important to ensure you have the right hardware.

What Size Lug Nuts Does Dodge Use BONOSS Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts CHZ

Are Titanium Dodge Lug Nuts Worth It?

Yes, it is worth the price. BONOSS provides forged Titanium Dodge lug nuts for your performance upgrade project. Titanium lug nuts are much lighter than other wheel nuts. For example, each BONOSS Titanium lug nut weighs about 34g, and a set of BONOSS Titanium Dodge lug nuts weigh about 680g. Many racing enthusiasts will use Titanium lug nuts to reduce the vehicle weight. Less unsprung weight makes your car faster, decreases fuel consumption, and improves engine efficiency.

Many steel wheel nuts can get rusty over time. However, Titanium lug nuts will never corrode. This is because a thin oxide (TiO2, titania) layer spontaneously forms cover on the surface to protect them against rust or corrosion. That is why BONOSS forged Titanium Dodge lug nuts feature extraordinary corrosion resistance. Besides, Titanium maintains its strength at elevated temperatures. Even at extreme temperatures up to 400 to 500°C, they maintain great performance. Such BONOSS Dodge lug nuts are surely a good idea for wheel upgrades.

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