The most common sizes of 2025 Ford Explorer lug nuts are M14x1.5mm thread pitch, 13/16″ hex, and conical seat type. If your wheel nuts have rust, then it is a good idea to replace them with a new set. Because it’s NOT safe to drive a car with a broken wheel nut. Aftermarket wheel nuts come in a variety of styles, seat types, and materials. Even if you figured out the thread sizes, you have to clarify the correct seat types.

The seating type refers to the part of the nut that makes contact with the wheel lug seat. That is why people usually end up replacing the OEM nuts to fit new aftermarket wheels. There are ball-seat, cone-seat, flat-seat, and other styles. The basic function of the 2025 Ford Explorer lug nuts is to secure the wheels. Due to differences between materials in strength, brittleness, and corrosion resistance properties, different aftermarket lug nuts perform differently.

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What Kind of 2025 Ford Explorer Lug Nuts Do I Need?

If there are rusty 2025 Ford Explorer lug nuts, the best way is to remove and replace them with higher-quality ones. To ensure safety, BONOSS provides new forged 50BV30 steel 2025 Ford Explorer lug nuts which are ISO grade 12. The minimum proof load is 105,700N which far exceeds the standard grade 6. Higher-grade lug nuts can bear more force and are not easy to break, which is why sometimes aftermarket wheel nuts are even safer than the OEM ones.

When torqued correctly, these BONOSS forged ISO grade 12 lug nuts can maintain high clamping force even under extreme operating conditions. Particularly, BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel 2025 Ford Explorer lug nuts give neutral salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours. The closed-end construction can prevent rainwater and debris from entering the studs. Even after a long time, these BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel 2025 Ford Explorer lug nuts are not easy to rust or swell.

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