The thread size of Lexus IS200t lug nuts is M12x1.5mm. The best wheel lug nuts are the ones that fit the vehicle and meet your requirements perfectly. Apart from the thread size, understanding the various seat types of lug nuts will be helpful. The lug nuts are threaded into the wheel studs, with the lug’s seats directly touching the wheels. At this point, learning all the different types of wheel nuts is helpful to make a wise decision about which variation is best for your particular requirement.

The OEM Lexus IS200t wheel nuts are flat seats with washers. If you ever changed the stock wheels, conical seat wheel nuts are probably the type that you’re going to come across. The seat part is usually a 60-degree taper that helps the lug center onto the wheel when it’s tightened. Ball lug nuts have a hex-shaped head and a round-shaped seat. Always buy wheel lug nuts from a reputable brand. In the long run, this means better performance, handling, and safety.

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Why You Need Special Lexus IS200t Lug Nuts for Alloy Rims?

When changing to aftermarket alloy wheels, special lug nuts are a good idea. To further improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle, BONOSS provides forged aluminum 7075-T6 Lexus IS200t lug nuts. These nuts come in a variety of colors, such as red, black, gold, silver, blue, grey, and more. Obviously, these wheel nuts will give your vehicle a fresh, eye-catching look. Since these BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Lexus IS200t lug nuts go through a hard anodizing surface treatment, the color won’t fade easily.

Each BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum lug nut net weight is about 25g, and a set of BONOSS aluminum wheel lug nuts weight is about 500g. These forged aluminum lug nuts are much lighter than OEM steel wheel nuts. A lighter spring weight can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle loss, and effectively improve driving performance. In addition, it is very important to keep the Lexus IS200t lug nuts working well. If a lug nut breaks or otherwise fails, it may gradually loosen over time.

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