The most common thread size of 2003-2025 Mazda Mazda3 lug nuts is M12x1.5mm. Since aftermarket lug nuts are made by different manufacturers, there are various options. Choosing the right set will make your time and money worthwhile. High-quality Mazda 3 lug nuts provide a better installing experience as well as good performance. If you would like to improve the appearance of your wheels, there’s nothing better than a new set of aftermarket good wheel nuts.

Basically, forged Mazda 3 lug nuts perform better than casting lug nuts in any aspect. The forging process eliminates the porosity, ensuring structural integrity. This makes them not easy to break. The continuous forging process adds superior mechanical and physical properties created by heat and pressure. Therefore, these forged Mazda 3 lug nuts are higher strength and safer than those cheap casting ones.

What Size Are the Lug Nuts on A 2003-2025 Mazda 3 BONOSS Forged Aluminum 7075-T6 Alloy Aftermarket Wheel Nuts CHZ

Are Forged Aluminum Mazda 3 Lug Nuts Good?

BONOSS offers high-quality forged 7075-T6 aluminum Mazda 3 lug nuts available in various colors to suit your style preferences. The advanced super forging process enhances the hardness and toughness. With the same material and cost, the strength and safety of BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Mazda 3 lug nuts are far higher than casting ones. The higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking when facing bump and impact loads.

The best part is these BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Mazda 3 lug nuts are lightweight with exceptional strength. Each BONOSS lug nut net weight is 28g, and a set of BONOSS aluminum 7075-T6 Mazda 3 lug nuts weigh about 560g. Reducing unsprung weight is an important advantage for increasing acceleration capability. Due to the properties of aluminum alloys, they are protected by their own naturally occurring oxide film, which brings these BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum Mazda 3 lug nuts incredibly resistant to corrosion.

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