The most common thread size of the oil drain bolt for a Lexus car is M12x1.25mm. In daily use, the continuous friction in the engine will create tiny metal particles, which contaminate the oil. Common oil filters capture particles only larger than about 35 microns but these articles are about 25 microns. This means the oil filters will not catch these smaller particles. Even if you have changed the oil totally, these contaminants remain in the engine. Uncontaminated motor oil is always best for your vehicle.

If not cleaned up, these tiny metal particles will be circulated millions of times in your engine over time, wearing down the metal components inside the engine, degrading its performance, and shortening the engine’s life until it breaks. In this case, the Lexus magnetic oil drain bolts are a good idea. Such magnetic oil drain bolts are helpful in catching all the metal debris that your oil filter misses. The oil oxidation reduces effectively. extending the service range of your engine.

What Size is the Oil Drain Bolt on a Lexus BONOSS Forged Titanium Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Kit (2)

What Magnetic Oil Drain Bolts Are Best for a Lexus Car?

BONOSS forged Titanium magnetic oil drain bolts are the best option to protect your engine. The magnetic drain plug is made with a neodymium magnet, which will adhere to the metallic particles in the oil, keeping the oil clean. The oil will flow more smoothly through your engine. In return, you will increase the performance and lifespan of the engine. Besides, these BONOSS forged magnetic oil drain plugs are made of high-strength Titanium alloy, high-temperature resistance, and better corrosion resistance.

The magnetic part adopts a neodymium magnet with permanent magnetism, which has less magnetic thermal decay, stronger magnetism, and wider magnetic coverage. This allows them to better absorb metal particles in the engine oil. You can reuse them during routine maintenance oil changes. By analyzing the metal particles that have adhered to the magnetic drain plug, you can figure out what is harming your engine. Take a look at these BONOSS forged Titanium Lexus magnetic oil drain bolts now!

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