The most common thread size of the oil drain plug on a Ford car is M12x1.75mm. As a thumb of rule, there is not a universal oil drain plug that works well for all Ford cars. The drain plug is nothing but a special bolt. Every fuel vehicle comes with its oil plug installed. In daily use, the oil drain plug bolt is being removed and installed back. Once it is damaged or lost, there is a pretty high chance you need to replace it.

Finding out what size of oil drain plug fits your vehicle is a crucial step in replacing it. It is not too difficult to measure the size if you get the right tools. A given car maker would generally use the same size plug in all their cars, it’s cheaper and easier that way. Some oil plugs are marked with sizes on the surface, like M12x1.75mm. You can also figure it out on the Internet. When neither of these works, it is better to measure on your own.

What Size is the Oil Drain Plug on a Ford BONOSS Forged Titanium Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Kit (1)

Is It Safe to Use Ford Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Kit?

Changing the OEM oil drain plug to a magnetic oil drain plug is safe and useful. In daily use, the continuous friction in your engine will create tiny metal particles, which contaminate the oil. BONOSS forged Titanium magnetic drain plug is designed to protect the engine. The magnet part will adhere to the metallic particles in the oil, keeping the oil clean. The oil will flow more smoothly through your engine. In return, you will increase the performance and lifespan of the engine. This also decreases the chance of oil oxidation, you don’t have to change the oil frequently.

Besides, the BONOSS forged Titanium Ford magnetic oil drain plug consists of a standard bolt with a neodymium magnet and a pure copper gasket (or Fluorine rubber ring). It is an effective design that makes the plug seal better, preventing the oil pan from unwanted leaks. The diameter of the magnet part is up to 6.5mm, which provides stronger magnetism and wider magnetic coverage. This allows it to better collect metal particles and other harmful metallic fragments in the engine oil, effectively removing them from circulation.

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