The socket size of Subaru BRZ lug nuts is 3/4″, so you would need a 19mm socket to fit. Most Subaru lug nuts are hex-shaped. Some locking lug nuts are designed with special spline drive shape heads, which make them hard to steal due to their irregular shapes. Even a professional thief can’t remove the wheel locks without corresponding key sockets. To well protect your finest wheels, a set of locking Subaru BRZ lug nuts will be beneficial.

With the development of modern production technology, reputable companies make quality aftermarket Subaru BRZ lug nuts. These lug nuts not only look really nice but also improve safety. Most standard OEM BRZ wheel nuts are made of steel. They are strong and durable but also heavy and dull. That is why people seeking better performance and appearance choose the Subaru lug nuts made of lightweight materials like Titanium alloy.

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What Subaru BRZ Lug Nuts Are the Best?

BONOSS provides forged Titanium Subaru BRZ lug nuts for your performance upgrade project. Titanium lug nuts are much lighter than other wheel nuts. For example, each BONOSS Titanium lug nut weighs about 34g, and a set of BONOSS Titanium Subaru BRZ lug nuts weigh about 680g. Many racing enthusiasts will use Titanium BRZ lug nuts to reduce the vehicle weight. Less unsprung weight makes your car faster, decreases fuel consumption, and improves engine efficiency.

Most Titanium Subaru BRZ lug nuts are hex-shaped. BONOSS forged Titanium wheel lock nuts are designed with unique Heptagon (7-side) shape heads, which make them hard to steal due to their irregular shapes. Like other wheel locks, this type of nut requires a special heptagon socket for installation and removal. Each BONOSS forged Heptagon Titanium wheel nut is also a wheel lock. This means you get 20 wheel locks in a BONOSS forged Heptagon Titanium BRZ lug nuts kit.

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