To secure the wheels properly, almost all 1972-2024 BMW 5 Series cars use wheel bolts instead of wheel nuts. Therefore, if you would like to use new aftermarket wheels, it is essential to fit new wheel bolts. The most common thread sizes that are used by BMW 5 Series/ M5 are M14x1.25mm and M12x1.5mm. In general, older models (like E12/ E28/ E34/ E39/ E60/ E61) use the M12 bolts and the newer models (like G30/ G31/ G38/ G60/ G61/ F90/ F10/ F11/ F07) would use the M14 thread size.

For most BMW 5 Series owners, removing and installing wheels can be a frustrating process. It is hard to align the holes. In this case, it is recommended to use a set of wheel stud conversion kits. The BMW wheel stud conversion kit is a kind of special stud with both ends threaded. The short end is threaded into the wheel hub, and the wheels are installed on the studs with provided lug nuts. This converts the wheel bolts securing way into studs’ way. When it comes to wheel changing, wheel studs will be a better way.

What Size Are the Wheel Nuts on A BMW 5 Series BONOSS Forged Titanium Stud Conversion Kit for M5 CHZ

Is BMW 5 Series Wheel Nuts Kit Worth It?

Wheel stud conversion offers many benefits. Apart from making wheel changing easier, wheel stud conversion provides more benefits. Firstly, they are flexible in wheel fitment. If you get aftermarket wheels, the OEM wheel bolts are likely no longer fit. With a BMW wheel stud conversion kit, even if the wheel seat type doesn’t match, the only thing to do is to replace the wheel nuts. The studs are exposed, which makes your wheels look cooler and nicer.

If you decide to get a stud conversion kit, why not choose a Titanium set to minimize the extra weight? Each BONOSS Titanium wheel stud conversion weight is 62g, and the whole set will save several pounds of weight. Lighter is better. As most people know, reducing unsprung weight makes your car faster. Besides, BONOSS forged Titanium BMW stud conversions have the benefits of low density, as well as high-temperature resistance. This type of wheel bolt also has extraordinary corrosion resistance.

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