There are 10mm to 50mm wheel spacers available for Porsche Cayenne 20-in to 22-inch rims. Getting the best spacers is beneficial for your Porsche Cayenne S/ Coupe/ GTS/ Turbo/ TDI/ E-Hybrid (9PA/ 92A/ 9Y). For OEM wheels and tires, 7-15mm is the best size range to get a perfect flush stance. But if you add a wide-body kit, depending on how much wheel gap you have, you may need up to 2-inch aero wheel spacers.

If you use Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers on track racing, hub-centric spacers are better. Hub-centric spacers are designed with center rings that fit perfectly the axle and the space inside the center bore of the wheel. In this way, the wheel is centered by the hub connection and the lugs can hold it flush against the mounting plate. The hub-centric Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are the best option for wheel upgrades.

What Are the Best Hub-centric Porsche Cayenne Wheel Spacers?

Good hub-centric Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are always adjusted to fit the actual vehicle hub. Giving an example, the latest 2025 Porsche Cayenne is designed with special hub flanges. To ensure perfect fitment, BONOSS has launched Porsche-specific hub-centric wheel spacers. The hub-centric rings are machined with several hollow notches. Each hole is specifically made to fit the new Porsche hub design. This achieves the purpose that specific wheel spacers are used for your specific Porsche Cayenne.

What Size Wheel Spacers Does a Porsche Cayenne Have BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Hub Centric Spacers Before and After CHZ

So long as you operate a correct installation, quality Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers will never crack. To prevent your wheel spacers from breaking or cracking, BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers are made of top-quality forged aluminum alloy. The tensile strength is up to 572 MPa, and the yield strength is up to 503 MPa (AL7075-T6). They have a high degree of uniformity in the grain structure which allows these Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers to bear more forces without breaking.

Will Porsche Cayenne Wheel Spacers Hurt My Car?

Genuine brand Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers won’t hurt your car in any way. People think that spacers make the car slower because of the added weight. However, with the development of modern manufacturing technology, BONOSS forged lightweight plus Cayenne wheel spacers are made as light as possible while maintaining high strength. Lightweight Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers don’t negatively affect the acceleration, MPG, or high-speed performance. The added weight can be negligible.

Due to these hollow holes, the average weight of each spacer is more than 30% lighter than the previous-gen product. As we know, lighter vehicle weight is better for acceleration. That is why BONOSS tries to make the Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers as light as possible while maintaining strength. In addition, aluminum Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers have a good thermal conductivity which makes them dissipate brake heat better. BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers are perfect for your performance improvement and appealing look enhancement.

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