There are 10mm to 50mm aluminum alloy wheel spacers available for Lexus IS350 F-Sport RWD. For an OEM wheel setup, it is recommended to use 15-20mm spacers. Nowadays, adding good-quality wheel spacers is one of the most accessible and beneficial modifications. By moving the wheels and tires outward, wheel spacers increase the track width. A wider track means more grip in almost every application. Even if you don’t change the OEM tires, the more track width, the better the handling of curves, swerving, and rollover resistance.

Apart from enhancing the ride quality directly, the Lexus IS350 wheel spacers act as auxiliary parts. No other part of your sports car has as much effect on handling as your wheels and tires. However, the OEM design will limit how far you can go here. In this case, wheel spacers create more space to accommodate larger wheels and tires. Additionally, a set of sports absorbers and coilovers is likely the most effective method to significantly improve the handling. With proper Lexus IS350 spacers, you can upgrade these suspension parts safely.

Why Are Forged Lexus IS350 Wheel Spacers the Best?

As much as the wheels, forged aluminum Lexus IS350 wheel spacers are better and safer than the cast ones. BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus spacers are made of the highest quality forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum. They perform well as tensile strength is up to 572 MPa and the yield strength is up to 503 MPa (AL7075-T6). Particularly, the forging process eliminates the porosity, ensuring structural integrity. Even when facing impacts, they are not easy to break.

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What’s better, BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus wheel spacers are designed with heat dissipation grooves to make brake cooling better. When rotating, these grooves allow the external cold air to flow continuously inside the spacer. The air takes away the heat, so it achieves the purpose of actively dissipating heat for the braking system. For those who change to performance brakes, these BONOSS active cooling Lexus IS350 rim spacers are good to go.

Can Lexus IS Wheel Spacers Fail?

Genuine brand Lexus IS wheel spacers won’t fail easily. For example, BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers provide ISO Grade 12.9 wheel bolts and ISO Grade 10 insert lug nuts. The ISO Grade 12.9 wheel bolts are considered to be the top-quality bolts in the auto industry. They have a minimum tensile strength of 1,220 MPa. It makes sense that the higher the tensile strength of the bolt, the more force it can withstand more force before breaking.

Particularly, BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus IS wheel spacers come with full-cone lug seats. They provide a larger contact area, more force acreage, and better fitting. Therefore, the wheel nuts can fully contact the spacers. This allows the bolts and nuts to apply enough clamping force to lock the Lexus IS wheel spacers, avoiding any potential loosening risks. With a high-quality user experience as well as a friendly price, BONOSS forged active cooling Lexus IS spacers won’t disappoint you.

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