We found some interesting discussions about Smart Fortwo wheel spacers on the Smart Fortwo forum, which can provide valuable insights when considering the purchase of wheel spacers. Additionally, considering the Smart Fortwo as a mini car, we will explain the value of Smart Fortwo wheel spacers.

Adding Smart Fortwo wheel spacers can improve handling: The forum mentions that without front wheel spacers for the Smart Fortwo, the car may experience understeer during driving. Installing Smart Fortwo wheel spacers can address this issue by increasing the width of the front wheels and improving handling performance.

The additional spacing between the wheel and hub assembly will be added, reducing the tendency for understeer during steering. By increasing the track width, Smart Fortwo wheel spacers can alter the wheel’s steering geometry, making the steering more responsive and agile. This can be beneficial for improving handling performance and enhancing the driving experience.

Smart Fortwo wheel spacers increase the track width of the wheels, pushing them further away from the vehicle’s body. This provides greater lateral stability, reduces body roll, and increases the vehicle’s stability in corners. Smart Fortwo wheel spacers can alter the wheel’s track width, either widening or narrowing the stance of the wheels relative to the vehicle’s body. This change has an impact on the vehicle’s stability.

We’re talking very small changes here, not something stupid like 4″ spacers. Is scrub radius affected? Yes. How much is it affected? Probably very little, and I doubt it’s enough to be noticeable to anyone but the most discerning driver, and possibly not enough to actually negatively affect handling. Heck, we don’t know what the scrub radius is with factory front wheels/tires.

For all we know, the 451 factory scrub radius may not be ideal for handling (it’s likely designed toward safety rather than handling) and adding wheels spacers may actually improve that. And, considering smart offers several rear wheels widths with corresponding different offsets, scrub radius on a car with small front wheel spacers may not be any different than some of the rear wheels offered.

As for added mechanical stress on other vehicle components…again, I think we’re talking all but immeasurable differences. Heck, a larger wheel/tire combo (read, heavier) might have even greater negative effects in terms of mechanical wear of other components, not to mention the increased unsprung weight. Further to the point, race cars have been employing wheel spacers as a means to achieve increased front axle width for decades, and some car manufacturers (Porsche, for example) even offer wheel spacers as a factory option.

Point of all this being, adding wheels spacers to the front axle may or may not improve handling, and you’d be hard-pressed to measure any negative effects. Benefits of adding wheel spacers versus adding a set of rear wheels to the front axle? Less unsprung weight, more money in your pocket, and almost the same overall visual improvements. So, if you want to save yourself a few hundred $$, wheel spacers are a decent alternative to a set of rear wheels, no matter what the doomsdayers here have to say :p

While we’re on the topic, anyone know if the 6.5″/195mm wheels/tires will fit on the front without issue? I haven’t researched the issue at all, so I’m not sure.

Why Smart Fortwo Wheel Spacers Are Welcomed by so Many People?

Is it safe to drive with Porsche Boxster wheel spacers?

Regarding stability during high-speed driving, using Smart Fortwo wheel spacers can help maintain stability when driving at high speeds. If you install Smart Fortwo wheel spacers on both the front and rear wheels of your Smart Fortwo, the vehicle’s track width will be increased. This is particularly beneficial for a lightweight vehicle like the Smart Fortwo, as it may face crosswinds during high-speed driving. The installation of Smart Fortwo wheel spacers can help improve the vehicle’s driving posture stability in such conditions.

Are Smart Fortwo Wheel Spacers Hub-centric?

Smart Fortwo wheel spacers are designed to be hub-centric, meaning the spacer’s center hole directly corresponds to the vehicle’s center hub. This design ensures a more precise centering, ensuring that the wheel is mounted in the correct position. This helps eliminate potential imbalances and vibrations, improving the smoothness and stability of the ride.

The hub-centric design of Smart Fortwo wheel spacers allows for a tight fit between the center hole of the spacer and the vehicle’s center hub, distributing the wheel load evenly onto the wheel axle. This helps reduce the load on the bolts, lowering the risk of loosening or breaking the bolts and enhancing overall safety. BONOSS provides 12.9-grade wheel bolts that match the wheel spacers, ensuring the secure fastening of all components.

The precise centering of hub-centric Smart Fortwo wheel spacers helps reduce vibrations and irregular movements between the tire and the wheel axle. This contributes to reducing noise generation and provides a smoother driving experience.

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