Wheel spacers are beneficial to improve off-road performance. They are designed to move the wheels outboard, hence increasing the track width. Increasing the track width brings two benefits like improved stability and better appearance. Wider track width enlarges the support surface of the vehicle. The contact points with the ground stand wider apart, creating better stability, and lowering the roll center of the car. Therefore, wheel spacers increase the amount of cornering force, you will experience better handling. Aside from creating more stability, they typically allow larger tires to be installed effortlessly. When wheel spacers are combined with broad tires, the appearance enhancement is especially effective. Large rims with broad tires give your off-road machine an explicit powerful and sturdy look. That is why wheel spacers are popular among many off-road enthusiasts.

How Do Wheel Spacers Affect Offset?

Installing the wheel spacers will lower the offset of your wheels. The higher the offset number is, the more wheels will stick in the fender, which causes tire rubbing potentially. Thus, if your car is suffering from a large offset, then installing wheel spacers is a quick and cost-effective way of correcting that. This provides the same advantages as many negative offset wheels. The further the wheel is from the vehicle hub, the better roll resistance ability and the better the appearance. There are many wheel spacers with various thicknesses which allow you to change the offset quickly and easily. It is typical to install 4×4 wheel spacers on all four wheels. This keeps the same proportional track (distance between tires tread centers on the axle) from front to rear. If torqued properly, they will never come off. Choose proper size hub-centric wheel spacers and you won’t meet rubbing issues.

Will Wheel Spacers Improve Off-road Performance BONOSS Forged Aluminum Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 Wheel Spacers (1)

Will Wheel Spacers Improve Off-road Performance BONOSS Forged Hub Centric Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 Wheel Spacers

Why Do You Need Hub-centric Wheel Spacers for Off-road?

Hub-centric wheel spacers are machined with metal hub-centric rings. They are centered by the center metal ring of the wheel and the hub flange. This allows the wheel to support the vehicle’s weight and fill the gap for a more tightly fit, reducing vibration. Besides, the hub-centric rings can be made bigger than the vehicle ones. This allows for installing aftermarket rims with bigger hub diameter on the vehicle properly. The hub side is machined to fit the vehicle hub and the wheel side is made to the wheel center bore size. Most aftermarket wheels are made with larger hub diameters. Then hub-centric wheel spacers can perfectly fit lug-centric wheels, hence the wheels can be properly mounted and accurately balanced. With the help of hub-centric wheel spacers, you can fit a variety of aftermarket wheels with no problems.

Will Wheel Spacers Improve Off-road Performance BONOSS Forged Aluminum Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 Wheel Spacers (2)

What Do Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Mean?

As a professional off-road wheel spacers designer and manufacturer, BONOSS created the Global Pioneer Active Cooling Technique. The special petal shape grooves utilize the rotation of the spacers to allow the external cold air to enter and continuously flow inside the spacers, enhancing the heat dissipation of the braking system. This is effective to improve the heat dissipation of the brake system, reducing brake fade while providing the functions of traditional spacers. Particularly, they are made of forged aluminum. Aluminum wheel spacers conduct and dissipate heat better, which assists the active cooling process greatly. Due to the properties of aluminum alloys, aluminum spacers are protected by their own naturally occurring oxide film, which brings them incredibly resistant to corrosion. They are high strength for safety and security, very suitable for long-term applications.