Yes, it is necessary to use longer wheel studs to safely secure 10mm GR Corolla spacers. Tire engineers explain that only if the stud thread is long enough can the studs provide proper clamping force to keep these 10mm wheel spacers and wheels balanced. Simply, 10mm wheel spacers occupy about 10mm stud length which stops the OEM wheel studs from engaging the full thread depth.

The general rule of thumb is that the thread length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the stud itself. Giving an example, an M12 wheel stud would need at least 12mm threads to ensure a safe engagement. Therefore, if the OE wheel stud length is 25mm and you get a 10mm wheel spacer installed, it’s probably best to order 35mm studs right away

What Are the Best 10mm GR Corolla Spacers?

Lightweight 10mm wheel spacers are absolutely the best option for those who need spacers to fix wrong offset issues while hoping to keep the added weight as little as possible. In this case, BONOSS forged lightweight plus 10mm GR Corolla spacers are good for weight savings. These BONOSS lightweight plus spacers are machined with advanced “Hollow Carved” holes. This design provides obviously lightweight effect while maintaining high strength.

Do I Need Longer Studs with 10mm GR Corolla Spacers BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Hub Centric Spacers Before and After CHZ

Compared with the previous-gen product, they are at least 20% weight off. Keeping a light sprung weight means better accelerating, cornering, and braking. What’s better, BONOSS provides forged ISO grade 12.9 extended wheel studs. They come through many performance tests: tensile strength ≥ 1,220 MPa, ultimate tensile load ≥ 152,000 N, and hardness (HV) ≥ 395. Such BONOSS forged ISO grade 12.9 extended wheel studs can bear more force without breaking.

Do 10mm GR Corolla Spacers Mess Up My Car?

No, precise Toyota GR Corolla wheel spacers don’t mess up your car in any way. For example. BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers are CNC machined, precision at 0.02mm tolerance. This improves the fit and functionality of spacers. High-precision 10mm GR Corolla wheel spacers are easier to sit flush up against the vehicle hub and wheel. So, there’s no obvious gap between the wheel hub and the spacer. This is helpful to avoid high-speed wheel vibration.

Besides, BONOSS forged lightweight plus aluminum 10mm GR Corolla spacers are hard-anodizing to resist corrosion so that they can work well for a long time without any problems. A proper hard anodizing coating ensures complete protection against corrosion. The oxide layer that follows the anodizing process offers excellent protection. This means that the coatings will not fade easily. BONOSS forged lightweight plus 10mm GR Corolla spacers will serve you in the long run.

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